Coastal Grandmother Aesthetic
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How to rock the Coastal Grandma lifestyle aesthetic style trend

Learn more about the Coastal Grandmother aesthetic lifestyle people are talking about. This calm and inviting style offers seaside charm in decor, furnishings, and apparel. Elevate your style with tranquil hues and family-inspired accents, embodying comfort and seaside sophistication.

One of my friends told me recently that I have that “Coastal Grandma Aesthetic lifestyle” design styled home. It was a bit of a head scratcher, as I wasn’t sure if I should take offense or consider it a compliment. I had to google it to find out.

Have you heard of the new trendy design aesthetic “coastal grandmother? If not, you’ll be surprised by the trending design style that pays tribute to the understated, effortless coolness of the “Coastal Grandma.” The fact that ‘GRANDMA” is used in this term, gave me the impression much different from I expected.

I must admit that I envisioned a typical old school grandma dressed in a big, flowing lace dress sitting in a beach cottage with cheesy coastal decor around. I was so wrong, girlfriends! You see, the ‘“coastal grandmother’ trend is more about the aspirational coastal lifestyle than anything else.

beautiful hydrangea flowers
beautiful hydrangea flowers

Nancy Meyer’s Movie “Something’s Gotta Give”

The well-known movie “Something’s Gotta Give” is used to describe the Coastal Grandmas aesthetic based on Diane Keaton’s character’s attire and lifestyle living in the memorable beach home.

I’ll never forget longing for Diane Keaton’s character ‘s coastal home in the movie. I recall wanting to dress in Diane Keaton’s character linens with the classic silhouettes. So relaxed but not-overly preppy attire. It was the beautiful home featured in the movie that captured my heart.

One of my Gal Pals told me the other night that she remembers stopping the movie scene by scene, just to admire the prestigious Hampton home design and decor in the film.

Coastal Grandmother style refers to a design aesthetic that combines elements of coastal or seaside decor with a timeless and comforting touch reminiscent of a grandmother’s home.

It often incorporates soothing color palettes inspired by the ocean, rustic textures, and family-oriented accents, creating a space that feels both inviting and elegantly relaxed. This style embraces the warmth of a grandmother’s touch, blending coastal influences with traditional, family-focused design elements.

The term “Coastal Grandmother” became popular on TikTok by tiktoker lex nicoleta and has left viewers with a bit of confusion and lots of inspiration. The description was coined the name by Nicoleta, a coastal grandmother is anyone who “loves Nancy Meyers movies, coastal vibes, recipes and cooking, Ina Garten and cozy interiors.” Coastal Grandma Aesthetic lifestyle is popular for a reason.

Nancy Meyer’s Instagram

Here is the deal though…You don’t have to be a TikTok user to appreciate the coastal grandmother vibe. Home designers like Serena and Lily and Cabana Life are capitalizing on the aesthetic trend. You will see it everywhere.

You Don’t Need To Be A Grandmother To Rock The Style

Trust me, you don’t have to be a grandma, or anywhere close to it, to achieve this title. In fact, you can be any age and live practically anywhere to channel your inner coastal grandmother and that’s the good news.

Coastal grandmother is an aspirational lifestyle seen many Nancy Meyer’s movies. A high brow classic but yet comfortable esthetic. Basically, coastal gran is a enjoying your best life by the ocean sipping on Sauvignon blanc curled up in your overstuffed white couch.

My friend was right on point. The “coastal grandma” trend is totally my style. The interior design has a Hampton vibe. Now that I think about it, the home in Something’s Gotta Give is what inspired me to design my home with a casual, elegant style.

Think Diane Keaton In “Something’s Gotta Give”

Scene from Something Gotta Give
Scene From “Something’s Gotta Give”

What Is The Coastal Grandmother Lifestyle?

Before you rock the style you need to grasp the lifestyle aesthetic.

Picture this: You’re relaxing on the patio of your beach home, enjoying the cool, salty breeze while your blackberry pie bakes in the oven. You spent the early morning clipping white hydrangeas to fill the vase on your kitchen table .

Later, you may settle in to read your favorite book for over an hour after a long walk on the beach. Before you forget, you’ll head to the local farmers’ market to stock your tote bag with fresh fruit and veggies for your next several meals. You then end the afternoon enjoying a glass of wine with your best friend, who happens to be your neighbor.

The lifestyle  focuses on emulating a life well lived. Living with crisp, clean interiors, beachy colors infused with fresh flowers and stripes rather than bold prints. 

I now understand how women of any age are thriving on this classy beachy lifestyle aesthetic .

Serene and Lilly’s Illustration of the “Coastal Grandmother” style

What Is A Coastal Grandmother Home Design Style?

So how do you manifest the coastal grandma look in your own home without the Hamptons beach house? One of the key factors in embodying this coveted theme is your choice of home decor pieces. Casual elegance is what you need to keep in mind when selecting cozy and clean decor pieces that can transform your room into a beach home oasis.

The home design style incorporates a coastal paint color hues (exterior and interior) and textured nubby fabrics. The furnishings are timeless and will never go out of style. Blue and white ginger jars and linen drapes fit the style like the photo shown below.

The classic home design style and landscape may include crushed oyster shell winding pathways as seen all over the East Coast.

Hampton Home Style

For instance, flowers on the kitchen windowsill, bowls of fruit, plenty of books, cozy slip-covered furniture, bowl of lemons, casually thrown elegant pillows, fresh-cut flowers, plenty of books, casually thrown pillows, and an abundance of natural light.

See The Top 18 Dreamy Beach Inspired Paint Colors here.

The Coastal Grandmother Home Design Style

Scalloped Side Table

Serena & Lily: $698.00

Wicker and a classic scalloped edge give this a timeless quality we love. It’s also delightfully versatile. A side table, a nightstand, a hallway accent. Place it anywhere you need a relaxed vibe, extra storage, or a simple spark of joy.


Balboa Bed

Serena & Lily: $3,698

We adore rattan and its power to elevate things without a lot of fuss. A timeless bed with a design detail we love: brass end caps on each leg.


Large Decorative Clamshell

Amazon: Uttermost Clam Shell : $217.00

Oversized Clam Shell- -There is no kitschy coastal décor in her home. Use this clam shell and fills it with air plants, succulents or green moss balls. 22 3/4″ wide x 13 1/2″ deep x 7″ high.


Cuddle Chair and Ottoman Set

Walmart: $369.00

The Better Homes & Gardens Willow Sage All-Weather Wicker Outdoor Cuddle Chair and Ottoman will make your patio or deck the place to kick back and relax. Made with fade-resistant and stain-repellent fabric so you can have your drink with you without worrying about possible spills.


Ginger Jar Design Ideas

Blue & White Ginger Jars

Amazon: $21.00 for one Ginger Jar

Nicoleta says ginger gars are a key home décor piece for all coastal grandma wannabes, and we love the price point of this one Amazon for only $21.00 — whether you place it on a shelf or fill it with flowers, it’s going to look gorgeous.

White Adirondack Chair 

Home Depot: $100

Add personality to your home by selecting this amazing Keter Troy White Resin Adirondack Chair. Weather-resistant resin protects against the elements.


Linen cocktail coasters

Soft White Sofa

Williams-Sonoma $2,399

Timeless design and seating arrangement.


Embroidered Linen Napkins

Gal Pal Goods: $38.00

This set of adorable timeless bumble bee napkins are made by Crown Linen and make the perfect hostess gift or ideal for summer beverages.


Amazon Finds For Home Decor Coastal Style

What Is The “Coastal Grandmother” Wardrobe Essentials?

If you love the idea of always looking effortlessly put together, this fashion style may be up your alley.

The “coastal grandmother” fashion aesthetic appeals to many women now more than ever. We have all been accustomed to wearing more comfortable clothes during the pandemic. So consider that cozy wardrobe you love and then take it up a notch. No sweats! Consider wearing a neutral color that is interchangeable for one.

The essential wardrobe pieces may include comfy cashmere or cotton sweaters, a button down white shirt, linen dress and tops with cargo pants (casual wide legged trousers) or jeans (not tight and skinny). Always add a bucket hat or straw hat. A cashmere pashmina takes any outfit to a new level.

Stick with a neutral color palette that may include creams, beige, blues, soft greens and pinks.

Why Women Thrive On This Style

So why do so many women thrive on this coastal grandmother style? Because it means that you can look effortlessly stylish. You know, the type of women who always looks put together without trying too hard.

Who doesn’t want that look? Southern Living Magazine says “the Coastal Grandmother is also the best hostess (while never breaking a sweat,) and appreciate the finer things (yet still feel approachable,)” I love that so much.

Coastal grandmothers wear luxury apparel such as cashmere and linen. They love to garden, take leisurely walks on the beach when it’s slightly windy, and sip white wine while reading on their wraparound front porch.

Celebrity book lover Jenna Bush Hager described it as a “breezy beige feel” on The Today Show, and celebrity book-loving icon Oprah is known for this style as well.

Essential Coastal Grandmother Apparel Pieces

Clean Finish Linen Blend Trousers


Free shipping and returns on Court & Rowe Clean Finish Linen Blend Trousers at <p>Trim tailoring and a pop of colorful trim at each pocket make these summer ready pants an easy favorite.


Alessandra Rib Cardigan

NORDSTROM: $108.00

Free shipping and returns on Foxcroft Alessandra Rib Cardigan at Subtle ribbing adds a textural element to an open-front tunic complete with three-quarter sleeves.


Beachy Poncho

Gal Pal Goods: $77.00

Linen poncho with a touch of fringe, and then washed for a comfortable yet elegant feel.  Pair with our linen tops, tanks and dresses. Can be worn as a swimsuit or cover-up, too! Toss over a tee and dress up your favorite jeans!

100% European linen



Crisp White Button Down

Amazon: $22.00

CLASSIC PURE COLOR OXFORD SHIRT: Made from cotton and polyester for maximum comfort lapel womens dress shirts will allow you to stay comfortable for all day long. Say goodbye to stiff, scratchy fabrics at work. Perfectly paired with a dress, jeans, shorts, and sandals for a decent look.

Shop It Here

Timeless Linen Shirt

Gal Pal Goods: $125.00- free shipping

The Bella Top a best seller!  Flattering for all body types with its hi-lo design. This wonderful linen top is a perfect choice year round. Linen keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. 


Linen Button Down Linen Shirt Gal Pal Goods

Cotton Bucket Hat

Amazon: $30.00

Madewell bucket hat. Vintage canvas bucket hat is the ideal Coastal Grandmother fashion accessory.


Are You A “Coastal Grandmother”?

If you resonate with the majority of these questions- You may want to own the style.

  1. Open a bottle of wine at 4 pm during warm months?
  2. Take long walks on the beach (either solo or with your beloved dog) ?
  3. Wear a signature stack of gold jewelry?
  4. You love to wear beachy colors in the summer such as white, tan and shades of blue, pink and green
  5. You enjoy having friends over for tea or wine in the afternoon
  6. On a warm sunny day you show up to every occasion in a bucket hat or fedora
  7. You enjoy the finer things in life
  8. You look forward to going to local farmers’ markets
  9. You appreciate fresh cut flowers from the market of your own garden
  10. You adore summer days where you can wear an untucked soft button down shirt
  11. It’s easy to envision yourself settling into a white Adirondack or lounge chair positioned in an area with a view of the beach? A place where you could curl up and sip your morning coffee. Or sitting on a lovely front relaxing with a good book on a summer day.

12.Can you picture yourself dressed in linen pants at a garden party? The hostess is serving fresh oysters accompanied by a chilled bottle of sauvignon blanc on a warm night?

13..You crave to make fresh lemonade in a glass pitcher with lemons from a bowl on your counter, so it has time to set.14.Study Ina Garten cookbook and prepare some fresh pasta with vegetables and herbs you collected throughout the day.

The Grand-milleninnials

It is so interesting to see that grandmillennials have an affinity for design trends considered by mainstream culture to be ‘stuffy’ or ‘outdated’—Laura Ashley prints, ruffles, embroidered linens,” These grandmilleniannilas respect the traditional elegance of their grandmother’s china and chinoiserie pieces.

These grandmillennials are loving on the “coastal grandmother” vibe.

There is no doubt that one glance at Instagram account of design publicist and grandmillennial Austin Mill makes it apparent that entertaining is one of his greatest passions. Grandmillennials love to entertain that would earn a stamp of approval from any coastal grandmother advocate.


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