Women share everyday experiences, must overcome common difficulties—and only women can completely empathize with other women. Gal Pal is launching a new series on the blog in the hope of bringing women together so we can learn and grow by sharing real women, real stories, tips, advice from authentic gal pals who inspire to make this world a better place.

There are so many encouraging  awesome women whose commitment to society, nature, and subsequent generations has proved invaluable to the world. Here at Gal Pal, we’re motivated by women every day: the women in our families, communities, workplace- in our circles of acquaintances; the women in our history books and those in the news; the women of our past and the women of now; the youthful women; and the uplifting women who’ve paved the way to make that play happen. Our list is endless.

It’s important to note that you don’t have to be a woman in history books to be influential. We believe women make a difference every day. Each one of us has a story to share. Stop and think about every time you get together with women, you walk away learning and growing in some way. We are amazing creatures, and Gal Pal will introduce two women every single month. It’s my goal that we will gain something from each woman.

Welcome to The Gal Pal Circle Spotlight-

Every woman has a story. We all can learn and grow from listening and learning from other women’s stories. Gal Pal blog with feature two women a month. Each woman will answer the same questions that relate to LIVING A BEAUTIFUL LIFE WITH PURPOSE GRACE AND JOY. 

Gal Pal is a site where women unite, learn, and grow from other women in a safe, comfortable space.  The idea is that women share everyday experiences, must overcome common difficulties–and only women can completely empathize with other women. We learn from other women; we are better together. Every single woman has a story to share, and life lessons learned that would benefit other women.  Science has proven that  women who cherish female friendships are healthier, happier and more successful.

The Gal Pal circle is the female version of the boy’s club. A tribe of kick as gal pals on a mission to live a beautiful life with purpose, grace and joy.   Extraordinary women making this world a better place.

If you know someone with an engaging, inspiring, or heartfelt story that would benefit others, please reach out to me. I believe each one of us has something unique to share that will resonate with someone out there.