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Flagstone walkway
Gardening & Landscape Design | Home Decor & Design

Top 18 Beautiful Path Design Ideas and Walkway Pavers

A well-designed pathway can add both value and appeal to your home, providing a functional and visually appealing route for visitors and residents alike. With so many modern style pathway designs to explore, you have the opportunity to create a unique and personalized outdoor walkways that perfectly complement your home and landscape. From sleek concrete…

How To Install A Flagstone Garden Path- In 8 Simple Steps
Gardening & Landscape Design | Home Decor & Design

How To Install A Flagstone Garden Path- In 8 Simple Steps

Add Interest and Romance To Your Garden With A Stepping Stone Path As you may already know, I have really “digging” my gardening lately. Since I started with a clean slate, it’s been rewarding and fun (not to mention the workout) to see the landscape design and garden come to life.  Early on, I envisioned a…

Garden Oasis
Gardening & Landscape Design | Home Decor & Design

11 Ways To Create An Outdoor Garden Oasis (Peaceful & Mindful)

Spring is almost here and it’s time to start thinking of creating your own outdoor garden oasis.  Studies show connecting with nature improves your mood. Meditation is good for your mind and body, reducing your stress levels caused by a variety of factors. Meditation allows you to focus on stable breathing, which helps regulate sleep…

The ultimate guide to hydrangea- all types
Gardening & Landscape Design

Stunning hydrangea types and species-the ultimate guide

Enchanting  Hydrangeas With East Coast Charm Let your imagination wander: Picture a breathtaking hydrangea shrub, and what instantly comes to mind? Ah, it’s the enchanting vision of a magnificent mophead blue hydrangea that takes center stage. Transport yourself to a nostalgic summer day, where these grand blooms grace the landscape alongside a charming white picket…

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