Happy woman brushing hair in bathroom having problem with hair loss and hair thinning

Exciting new Alma TED hair restoration treatment -benefits-proven results

For those who have experienced the frustration of hair thinning you are not alone. Did you know that, according to the US Dermatological Society, an estimated 80 million individuals in the United States are grappling with unwanted hair thinning?

In fact, more women suffer from hair loss than you may know due to various causes. Over 30 million women are currently dealing with thinning hair.

With that said, I have some exciting news to share with you and can speak from personal experience. Meet TED! Introducing the revolutionary new scientifically proven Alma Ted Restoration and hair rejuvenation treatment. 

Alma Ted Benefits

Why Is Everyone Talking About Alma Ted?

People are talking because it works! Alma Ted Restoration isn’t another quick fix; it’s a holistic and scientifically advanced approach to revitalizing your scalp. When the scalp is revitalized, it can then create beautiful locks. No more settling for temporary solutions or empty promises – this is the real deal.

The New Technology For Hair Restoration

In this post, we’re delving deep into the new technology and science behind hair restoration, a place where science seamlessly intertwines with beauty. It’s where the pursuit of thick, healthy locks is no longer a distant dream but a tangible reality.

Whether you’re grappling with age-related thinning, facing the challenges of pattern baldness, or simply wish to revive your hair’s natural fullness and vitality, stick with us here. It’s what you have been waiting for!

Happy woman brushing hair in bathroom having problem with hair loss

The negative psychological and emotional impact of hair loss is hugely underestimated and often dismissed. Hair loss affects people of all ages and all genders, and just what can cause hair loss, varies hugely. You are not alone.

Mandy Wright- The Hairapist at Hair Oh Yeah

Hair restoration treatments before and after . Before and after Alma Ted photos

The Alma TED Procedure- How Does It Work? 

The cutting-edge technology called Alma TED hair restoration has people talking. This hair restoration treatment stimulates natural and healthy hair growth through the power of energy-based therapy.

The in-office treatments are proven to stimulate long term hair growth. Alma TED combined with the TED Hair Care Formula is a nonsurgical procedure to foster hair repair here is how it works:

watch this video and learn why Alma Ted is the “Big Gun” that is proven for hair growth.

1. New Scientific Ultrasound Technology

Alma TED is a painless ultrasound based system that creates temporary channels in the thick skin on the scalp using ultrasonic energy. The sound waves also work at creating new blood vessels to the area and that allows nutrients to be delivered to the hair follicles.

It’s Patented Delivery System For Hair Restoration and the Proprietary Topical Serum. This topical hair growth treatments promotes improved blood flow to the scalp.

The ultrasound or acoustic sound waves can deliver the patented serum across the thick scalp using sound waves.

During  a ALMA Ted treatment, the first pass is to open temporary channels in the thick skin, and the second pushes the serum to the hair follicles. The entire area receives an increase in blood flow creating new vascularization.

There is no pain, no trauma, and no downtime. Added bonus- as the follicle health improves, you can look forward to not only healthier hair, but your own color begins to come back – bye bye pesky grey hairs. Now that’s rejuvenation to the max.

Alma Ted Hair Restoration Machine

Holistic Hair Restoration

Innovative hair treatment that stimulates the scalp by naturally opening the hair follicles. After the hair follicles are open, it drives patented hair growth serum deep into the scalp. This treatment is unlike anything else on the market.

2. Patented Delivery System For Hair Restoration

The patented tip on the Alma TED device features Impact Delivery™ — a unique air pressure system designed to enhance treatment outcomes by driving the TED serum deep into the scalp.

AlmaTED drives topical treatments with growth factors deep into the skin. Accomplsihed with acoustic cavitation. The low-frequency “ultrasonic” acoustic sound waves and air pressure that drives topical hair growth treatments deep into the scalp.

Inflammation and Follicle Growth

TED targets inflammation. By encouraging follicle activation, it enhances overall scalp health. With its delicate yet impactful pulses, AlmaTED provides effective relief for concerns like alopecia areata and both temporary and permanent hair loss.

This in office hair treatment innovation stands out because it utilizes electromagnetic pulses (air pressure). And the best part? It brings therapeutic advantages without any necessity for surgery

Alma Ted Restoration topical serum

3. The Proprietary Topical Serum

The proprietary serum is FDA approved with proven efficacy. The Alma TED serum outperformed its competitors, including platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatment.

A world-renowned pharmaceutical research lab formulated the TED+ Hair Care Formula, which contains nutrients essential for optimal scalp health and follicular strength. The FDA-approved serum has been shown to increase hair thickness, shine, and follicular strength.

This unique polypeptide infused serum contains VEGF, which promotes the formation of blood vessels in the area. This leads to blood flow and a better supply of nutrients to the hair follicles.


Polypeptides Promote Follicle Rooting

The polypeptides promote follicle rooting and anchoring to address premature shedding. It also contains amino acids and phytonutrients to promote new hair growth and cell repair. Most importantly, the copper tripeptide works as an antioxidant and soothes any inflammation.

This in-office hair treatment innovation stands out because it utilizes electromagnetic pulses (air pressure). And the best part? It brings therapeutic advantages without any necessity for surgery

GroTracking hair restoration

4. GroTracking With AI Technology

If you are considering Alma Ted, make sure the clinic you go to uses GroTracking. This AI technology is so impressive! Mandy Wright my provider, is tracking my success that I will be sharing with you.

Depending on your provider, the GroTracking system plays a crucial role in your treatment process.This advanced technology enables the creation of images that can be magnified right down to each individual hair follicle. Then is converts these images to data for objective tracking on hair thickness and density comparisons.

Image from GroTracking
Photo from GroTracking

The collected data is uploaded for AI-powered hair-tracking analysis. At each following appointment, another photograph is taken from the same hairline areas, so you can compare the images and information, shedding light on the growth.

GrowTracking AI technology

Complete Transparency With GroTracking

On completion of each treatment, you’ll get a thorough printed report. I like that this treatment process offers 100% Transparency. You can see the results in a comprehensive report.

Not only does this tracking system measure progress, but it also gives specific suggestions based on the report. The recommendations are aimed at helping both you and the Hair Oh Yeah team get the absolute best results from your hair restoration journey.

Grey hair is scary. Excessive hair loss is scarier. Thinning hair creeps up on you. And, it’s all the result of hair follicle degeneration. Fortunately, scientists have created options like Alma TED, which when used with the TED serum, seamlessly goes to work rejuvenating hair follicles.”

Mandy Wright Hairapist- Hair Oh Yeah

New Advancements In Dermatology and Hair Growth

It all starts at the scalp. The connection between scalp and hair is the key! In the realm of dermatology, there’s currently a remarkable shift occurring, thanks to the pioneering TransEpidermal Delivery (TED) system.

SeroVital Hair Regeneres Advanced

This innovative approach relies on the power of ultrasonic waves to introduce serums directly to the hair follicles, completely eliminating the need for surgical procedures.

This process begins with an FDA approved Italian-made serum infused with growth factors and polypeptides. With ultrasonic waves creating a delivery pathway and amplifying blood circulation. The serum operates at a profound level, working to bolster the health of hair follicles and ignite the process of hair regrowth.

Meet the “Hairapist” Mandy Wright

Desperate for a solution after losing her hair from extensions, Mandy Wright (better known as the “hairapist) researched new hair restoration techniques.

She decided to establish her own hair restoration clinic in Bellevue Washington after her own experience with Alma Ted. Her clinic called Hair Oh Yeah has helped patient after patient. Everyone is raving about how this new treatment has changed their lives. It’s the real deal.

Hair Oh Yeah is a premier establishment that harmoniously integrates pioneering innovations with compassion. Going above and beyond conventional treatments, this spa embodies an approach that offers support to the 80 million Americans dealing with hair loss by blending state-of-the-art techniques with empathy and understanding.

Before and After Alma Ted photos- women's hairline

What should I expect during the Alma TED procedure?

I have had one Alma TED treatment and I have to say, it was relaxing! The pain-less scalp treatments is not a medical treatment or surgery.

The treatments are 30-45 minutes and require no down time. When you arrive for your in-office treatments, make sure your hair is clean without any hair products on your scalp.

During the treatment you will feel a warm sensation as the Alma TED treatment process begins. The ultrasonic sound waves so you will hear a high pitched sound but will feel no pain at all. If the noise bothers you, you can wear ear plugs.

Hair restoration treatments before and after . Before and after Alma Ted photos
Before and After Alma Ted photos- men's hairline

The Benefits Of Alma Ted Treatments

Curious about the perks of opting for the Alma TED hair treatment for hair loss? It all starts with your customized treatment plan. Let’s delve into the array of advantages it offers:

Why People Are Impressed With The Alma Ted:

  1. Universally Safe: Alma TED is a safe option for qualified candidates.
  2. Pain-Free Experience: Bid farewell to pain and needles; this process is entirely painless and leaves your scalp trauma-free.
  3. Speedy and Effortless: The procedure is quick and hassle-free.
  4. Ignites Optimal Hair Growth: Alma TED with its sound waves and air technology actively creates the optimal environment for your hair to flourish. The hair growth cycle is followed by healthier hair regrowth.
  5. Strengthens Hair Follicles: Say hello to more resilient hair follicles. The treatment t creates hair strong enough to pierce through the thick scalp skin.
  6. Give You More Volume and Thickness: Experience a boost in hair volume and follicular thickness with this in office hair treatments.
  7. No Hair Shedding Worries: Post-treatment shedding? Not a concern with AlmaTED.
  8. Zero Downtime: No need for recovery periods – it’s business as usual right after the treatment.
  9. Enhanced Scalp Health: With increased blood flow and nutrient boost your scalp’s health is in for a significant upgrade.
  10. Anesthesia-Free: You can rest assured, as there’s no anesthesia involved. No invasive procedures and needles here!

So, if you’re on the hunt for a solution to your hair worries, embrace AlmaTED and its remarkable benefits. Reclaim the lush, vibrant hair you deserve without the fuss or discomfort.

Alma Ted hair discount In Seattle

How many Alma Ted treatments are required?

The average patient notices improvement within two weeks. Additional therapies are possible for optimal results. Additional therapies are possible for optimal results and clinical trials indicate that 3 to 4 sessions are optimal. Three treatments is recommended It is recommended spaced one month apart.

Hair Treatment Considerations Including Cost of Treatment

Hair transplantation has been one of the chosen techniques. It comes at a big cost. Depending on the chosen technique—either Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) or the pricier Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)—costs can range from $7,000 to $20,000.

Affordable Treatment at Hair Oh Yeah

Hair Oh Yeah TED treatments cost between $1,000 and $1,400, with discount for treatment packages. See the Gal Pal treatment above. The key is the Alma Ted works!

Other treatment options such as PRP injections and micro needling range from $850 to $1,050 and $750 to $850 per session. The Alma TED treatments have had impressive results with greater success than many of the comparative treatments.

Alma Ted Before and After Hair treatment

Women and Hair Loss

Women often don’t talk about hair thinning. Female pattern baldness and hair loss is more common that you think.

The American Academy of Dermatology states that 50 million men and 30 million women experience hair loss. However it is important to understand that hair loss goes beyond numbers. It is intricately connected to self confidence, and societal perceptions.

The most significant cause of hair loss in women is female-pattern hair loss (FPHL), which affects about one-third of susceptible women, which equals out to some 30 million women in the United States.

Female pattern baldness, also known as female pattern hair loss or androgenetic alopecia is a common condition. It leads to thinning of the hair in women. It is characterized by a gradual and symmetrical reduction in the density of hair on the scalp.

How does Alma TED compare to PRP?

A. No Pain-

My treatment was a very comfortable experience unlike other in-office treatments that involve trauma to the scalp. I have friends who have had PRP for non scarring alopecia have described PRP as extremely painful. TED is pain free treatment.

B. Needle Free-

TED is needle free compared to PRP. PRP require blood drawing and injection. Differences between Alma TED and PRP and many other non-surgical non-invasive therapies.

C. No Blood

Alma TED uses microchannels to deliver topical solutions. PRP uses injected blood containing concentrate. Patients expereince pain with PRP treatment wheras the Alma Ted procedure is pain-free.

Alma TED increases absoribility for regenerative treatments that contain a topical hair care formula. Neither Alma TED nor PRP have a surgical or invasive effect.

D. Treatment Time

The Alma TED device is non-invasive and efficient. The custom treatment plan only takes 30 minutes each visit Yes, that’s it’! Easy peasy.

On the other hand, PRP procedures take much longer because the scalp needs to be numbed, During the treatment session, a small amount of your blood is drawn from the arm. The blood is then placed in a centrifuge machine that separates the blood.

The PRP is then injected directly into the scalp.

E. Number Of Treatments

The majority of patients typically undergo 3 to 6 PRP sessions, whereas the number of TED treatments is comparatively lower.

F. Cost

A PRP treatment plan costs more money than a TED non invasive treatment.

G. See The Success

You can see your process with the AI tracking tool as part of a TED treatment. After two months, patients report increased hair volume, and after three months, many patients report less scalp showing and their bald spots beginning to fill in. Clinical trials indicate 3 times more hair is produced using TED with the TED serum versus PRP injections with the patient’s own blood plasma platelets.

Mandy Wright Hair Oh Yeah

At Hair Oh Yeah, we partner with you on your hair loss journey so that together we create a healthier scalp and hair for you. We create an optimal environment for less premature hair fall and conditions that generate new and stronger hair growth.

— Mandy Wright-The “Hairapist”,

My Personal TED Treatment

At my consultation, Mandy from Hair oh Yeah analyzed my blond locks and scalp with a fine tooth comb. This included AI photos of my hairline and scalp so we can track the hair growth.

After the personal consult my treatment plan was discussed and planned. From there I enjoyed pain-less scalp loss treatments with Alambe TED. It was has a very short duration of 30-45 minutes and requires no medical treatment or surgery at the time of treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Is Alma Ted FDA approved?

Alma TED™ (TransEpidermal Delivery) is a trailblazing hair growth treatment designed to address hair loss, hair shedding, and hair thinning. TED is FDA-approved as a noninvasive, painless, needle-free hair growth treatment that results in thicker, stronger, and healthier hair.

Q. Who is a Good Candidate for The Alma TED?

Alma TED is for anyone suffering from hair loss or looking to improve their hair’s overall thickness and appearance. This includes genetic or hereditary hair thinning; hair shedding as a result of stress or trauma; or hair loss after a recent illness, like COVID; or as a side effect of medications.

Q. Who Should Not Be Treated with AlmaTed?

Not everybody can use TED. Pregnancy, cancer patients undergoing treatment, people with a pacemaker and individuals with metal plates in the area to be treated, can’t be treated with Alma TED.

Q. Is the Alma TED Treatment Painful?

No, the TED in office treatment is not painful in the least. In fact it’s very pleasant and relaxing. The device can produce warm feelings and ringing sound throughout the treatment, however there is no pain at the end of the treatment. This procedure requires no needle. No headache.

Q. What Does TED Stand For?

TED stands for transepidermal drug delivery . We use the TED hair formula that contains ingredients supporting optimal hair, scalp health, and follicular strength, providing the best possible results.

Q. Can you do a treatment if you have hair extensions? 

Yes, hair extensions don’t have to limit you from the benefits of a TED treatment. If we can reach the scalp with the head of the device, we can perform the treatment.

Q. Can you color your hair after a Alma Ted Treatment

Yes, but do not color your hair 24 hours before or after the treatment.

Q. Is it suitable for all ethnicities?

Yes, we have no evidence of pigment changes. While certain ethnicities are more susceptible to certain forms of hair loss, we treat the scalp’s health so everyone can benefit.

Q. What is the follow-up protocol?

We highly recommend scheduling a follow-up treatment in one year to ensure the health and blood flow to your hair follicles.

Q. What are the potential side effects of Alma TED hair treatment?

TED has no side effects. Some people experience irritation on the skin after applying products or the treatments themselves. The reaction of hair growth products may cause symptoms may include hives, or swollen skin. Get medical help immediately after symptoms of allergic reactions appear

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