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Top 2023 Hair Trends-sexy cuts, styles, colors, and hair care musts

It’s the new year and the season to get excited about all the new haircare trends. The new sexy haircuts, hairstyles, and even essential hair care musts. Most of these trends stem from celebrity influence (like from the red carpet), and the runway appears in pop culture and the beauty industry. The biggest beauty trends play into what’s next in hair as well.

Generally, trends come from various sources, but they are often created by the media and social media platforms. We are here to give you the scoop on the trends you should know about. In doing my research on the trends, I had to speak with my own stylist Jonny Levi, who happens to always get a pulse into the hottest fashion, beauty, and hair trends.

He worked with so many celebrities himself when he developed his career, doing hair and makeup in fashion and television, working in every part of the field, including magazine editorial spreads, music videos, and movies. So, he’s in the know.

Whether you have a special occasion coming up or you just want a fresh hairstyle or color change, we have some fun ideas for you. In the spirit of inspiration, here are the biggest hair trends for 2023 because everyone deserves a good hair day.

The Biggest Hair Trends For 2023

1. Hair Care

Hair care may not be the most exciting trend, but it is the most important one, especially for this coming year.

Overall, hair care is becoming an important aspect of personal grooming and self-care, and people will invest more time and money to achieve the perfect hair. Why do you ask? As hair trends come and go, one important factor never does. Your hair health and the integrity of your hair are what most women are seeking more of these days.

Woman receiving hair care procedure in spa salon

Why Women Are Making Scalp Care A Priority

Many women are seeking answers for hair loss since Covid because Covid causes temporary hair loss in some.

And, with the rise of social media, people have become more aware of the importance of maintaining healthy hair. This has led to a greater demand for hair care products and treatments. So new hair treatments that make scalp care a priority are trending big time. Take good care of your scalp with a hair care routine that promotes a clean scalp, and a well-moisturized scalp.

Your head of hair depends on your scalp. To understand the health of our hair, you need to look at the root of the problem. You will have shinier, stronger, and fuller locks if your scalp is healthy.

So many women deal with dry scalps from the build-up of hair products like dry shampoo, etc.

Young woman treating her hair using medical drops

There are a variety of scalp treatment products that can be beneficial for maintaining a healthy scalp. Some of these include:

  • Scalp exfoliants: These products, such as scrubs or brushes, can help remove dead skin cells and build-up from the scalp, promoting healthy hair growth. Look for natural products that are chemical-free that won’t dry out the scalp.
  • Shampoos and conditioners: Look for products that are specifically planned for the scalp, such as those containing ingredients like tea tree oil, salicylic acid, and menthol, which can help soothe and clarify the scalp.
  • Oils: Oils such as coconut, argan, and castor oil can be massaged into the scalp to moisturize, strengthen, and promote hair growth.
  • Leave-in treatments: Look for leave-in treatments that contain ingredients like biotin, which can help strengthen and nourish hair, or panthenol, which can help moisturize the scalp.

It’s important to note that everyone’s scalp is different, so what works for one person may not work for another. It’s also important to do a patch test before using any product, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Healthy Locks

“The best thing a woman can learn is balance. Protein and moisture are the two components that make hair high quality. Protein is the natural strength of your hair, (we often use Olaplex, or K18 to restore protein). Moisture is the natural elasticity for the hair to bend and return to shape. (we often use product like Amika Soul food nourishing masque, Kerastase Nutritive Masque)”

Joni Levi- Stylist

Healthy locks mean proper moisture, protein, and shine.

Predicting that 2023 is going to be all about subtle but statement-making color that doesn’t require constant upkeep. That means low-maintenance and more natural look colors in extra eye-catching shades.

Thoughtful woman with pink hair looks at canvas holding pencil in light studio

Pastel Rose Hair Color

This color is a soft blonde with a tint of pink. The two-toned hair trend is everywhere.

Creamy Vanilla Blond Hair

Think of a vanilla cupcake with a creamy light frosting with natural hues. BINGO- love this look.

Woman with blond hair portrait
Back view of mid age senior Asian older woman with gray natural long hair.

Gray- Going natural

Embrace your natural hair: Embrace your natural hair color and enjoy it. Gray hair can be beautiful and unique.

Consult with a stylist: Consult with a stylist who can help you transition to gray hair, they can help you with blending, cutting, and styling your hair to complement your natural gray color.

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Brunette Hair with Auburn Highlights

You will see lots of reddish-brown highlights. The reddish color warms up a darker hair shade.

Ash Blond

This color is excellent for the person that wants to stand out in the crowd—this lighter platinum blonde can transport you back to the glamour of Old Hollywood beauties like Maryilyn Monroe.

This new bronde can become the most-wanted hair color in 2023! Prepare to see many girls rocking this coloring. Look for various ash blond shades including Ash Blonde Balayage Hair and dark and light ash blonde shades.

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Sun Kissed Foils

Gorgeous strands of sun-kissed highlights.

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Red Hair Colors

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Violet Hues

This purple hue is what fairy tales are made of. It’s a fun color to explore for those who are seeking something creative and new. A popular shade for the younger generations.

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3. Flattering Hairstyle Trends

Butterfly Cut

For those of you that remember the blonde bombshell Farrah Fawcett style we all tried so hard to replicate back in the 90’s, it’s back with the Butterfly haircut.

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Wispy Layers

Wispy Layers-The lightly feathered soft bangs instantly transform your look, giving you a more youthful and sassy appearance. Wispy bangs haircuts nicely frame your face and soften strong jawlines, especially when you go for a style that flatters the shape of your face.

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Glossy Hair

Glossy Hair-High-gloss hair–a chicer, more wearable take on the look–was all over the spring/summer 2023 shows at New York, London, Milan, and Paris Fashion Week, and not only on the models. This wet hair look is currently trending, as seen on 2023 runways, red carpets, and, most recently, at the CFDA awards.

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How to get this look:
  1. Start With Damp Hair- towel dry
  2. Choose The Right Hair Gel
  3. Apply Gel To Your Roots And Lengths
  4. Comb Your Hair Back
  5. Spritz On A Glossing Spray
  6. Use Hair Spray To Lock In The Look

The Classic Bob HairCut

The Bob Haircut-This haircut is all the rage, seen on celebrities with various hair textures, and they also flatter many skin tones. It’s an especially great cut for women over 40 because it can take years off your face. See Jonny Levi’s Bob Haircut Here

The Bob Haircut

The Wolf Cut

The cut features short choppy layers starting at the crown and longer bottom layers tapered towards the ends. Plenty of weight removal allows the wolf cut to deliver a flattering lift at the top, complemented by a wealth of texture throughout the length.

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The Bixie Cut

“The “Bixie” is a haircut that mixes the bob and a pixie cut. It is a cropped short but the perimeter is soft and feathered. This is slightly longer than a typical pixie but the sides are compact and create height on top.” shares Levi. Levi shares “We are seeing a lot of the 20-somethings express themselves with short hair that has a lot more layer than ever before!

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Short haircuts are in ladies!

  • Curls! “We encourage and love seeing all the natural, healthy, curly hair in the world. Gone are the days of pretending to be someone else, and now is the time to own your greatness! There is nothing more beautiful than a human with curly hair!
  • Black Braids-Keke Palmer‘s famous ultra-long chunky box braids that flowed all the way down her back set a big trend.

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Meet the Expert- Jonny Levi

With two decades of experience, Jonny has been around the world living in many facets of the Beauty industry training in makeup and then hair in Washington State. He worked for a larger-scale salon for the first five years of his career before taking a leap of faith and moving to Miami Beach to pursue his goals of working in film, tv, and fashion.

With hard work, Jonny did achieve many goals and has worked with celebrities like Sandra Oh, Melinda Gates, Kate Bock, Olivia Culpo, Romee Strijd, Jasmyn Wilkins, David Bromstad, Jessica Springsteen, Robin Thicke, Joe Jonas and DNCE, Aiden Gallagher, Stefan Frie, Ricardo Kaka, and more.

His career took him onto the set for shows like “The Assassination of Gianni Versace” movies like Beach Bums, and a reality competition on lifetime called “American Beauty Star” Season 1. He and his makeup artist teammate landed in 4th place but at times it’s dramatic and the production quality could have been better (available on amazon prime) 

 Jonny Levi now owns a salon and spa on Bainbridge Island, WA, and is always waiting for the next great adventure. 

Whatever it is remember that your hair health is most important, and this is an opportunity to express yourself and show the world how you identify… so be bold, or soft. And have fun

Jonny Levi

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