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Lower your golf score with a new cutting edge mobile golf app

If you want to improve your golf game and lower your score, you may want to consider a personal coach- “Goach” to your golf game.

There are so many reasons to play golf and can become addicting.  Why? Because golf is a challenging sport that requires skill, focus, and strategy. Every course and every hole is different. There are always new challenges to overcome. Each goal can be a source of motivation and can keep players coming back to the course.

One thing we know for sure is that all golfers want to improve their game and lower their handicap.

Since golf requires not only physical skill, but also mental focus and strategy, it’s key to have a practice plan in place. The mental challenge of golf can be addicting, as players constantly try to improve their game.

Goach the new golf app

I was recently introduced to a new mobile app designed for the avid golfer. The app is for  golfers who are looking for innovative ways to improve their long and short game. The cutting edge technology built for golfers of all levels. I was so impressed that I wanted to share it with all of you.

This high-tech app provide personalized feedback and tips. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, “GOACH” will  help you take your game to the next level.

Goach golf app
Photo provided by Goach

Launched by an Idaho company in 2022 with the aspirational mantra, “Your fastest route to lower scores,” Goach is a new and powerful mobile golf app.

Goach, which stands for personal Golf Coach, was designed to utilize advanced analytics to help golfers achieve their goals in a simple, understandable way.

Goach app- golf coach

What Is The “Goach” Golf App?

“Goach is your personal coach that follows your every round, evaluates every part of your game and creates a personalized training plan for you to reach your scoring goal,” said Maria Kostina Angel, Goach co-founder and golf instructor/coach at Idaho’s Hayden Lake Country Club.

The product, two years in the making, was developed by co-founders David Angel, a software engineer, and sisters Maria Kostina Angel and Anastasia Kostina, who both played golf collegiately at Washington State University and professionally on the LPGA’s Futures Tour, now called the Epson Tour.

“Playing competitive golf, I learned the importance of analyzing performance and targeted training in an effort to reach my full potential,” said Anastasia Kostina, who also played on the Ladies European Tour and is now director of Hayden Lake’s Junior Golf Academy.

“We wanted to build a golf software product that would truly deliver results and lower scores,” said David Angel. “I’ve coupled my passion for both golf and software development to help build Goach.”

How Does The Goach App Help Lower Your Score?

Goach asks users to establish a golf goal and to enter data during each round played. The program is engineered to take less than 10 seconds per hole to log in requested data. It’s easy to add this information to your mobile device without interrupting the flow of your game.

Users discover that the golf experience is much better when you have a clear picture of your overall game with your strengths and weaknesses, without spending endless amount of time trying to be Tiger Woods at the driving range.


The Goach Report-Personalized and Targeted Training plan

Through data entry, the user is then provided with a Goach Report™ which defines the player’s strengths and highlights areas that need the most improvement.

Goach then runs each report through its proprietary algorithms analyzing more than 10,000 data points to build a personalized and targeted training plan. The report is aimed towards reaching the user’s desired golf goal.

According to the developers, the overall product purpose was to create an app to help golfers better understand their game and to pick up how to “train and practice with purpose.” It makes a difference when you know what you need to work on. Goach is a valuable tool because the information it shares with you is easy to understand.

The Top Four Benefits of The Goach APP:

1.  Goals Based Improvement

In no case will you end up getting to your best by accident. That’s why Goach incorporates Goals Based Improvement.

You will set your golf goal and Goach will analyze the data from your rounds and create a personalized training plan that will help you reach your goal. All along your journey, Goach will show you how each part of your game relates to your goal.

Goach includes information on more than 30,000 golf courses with a custom course option, and may be downloaded online on the Apple App Store with a 30-day free trial.

2.  Fast & Intuitive Data Entry!​

The developers knew from the beginning, to be successful they had to create a user interface that didn’t distract you from playing your best golf.

Goach has been engineered to take less than 10 seconds per hole.

Have you ever been confused with Golf Statistics?

Goach exposes you to Tour Level Statistics in a way golfers at any level can understand. See how each part of your game compares with your Golf Goal, as well as a Tour Pro.

3.  Golf Data That Makes Sense

Are you tired of finishing your round and wondering What Just Happened? NO MORE !With Goach Report Card® you can discover how every part of your game contributed to your total score.

4.  Engaging Training With Purpose

Goach has incorporated Augmented Reality and Experiential and Competitive Drills into training , making for a more engaging and effective practice session.

So gal pals, if you a new golfer get in the game. 

Why Is A Personal Golf App Is So Beneficial?

What if you had your own personal golf coach that kept you accountable, empowering you to reach your goals?

This innovative app provides personalized feedback and training. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, Goach can help you take your game to the next level.

A personal golf app like Goach, allows you to track your scores and statistics over time. This can be a great way to identify areas for improvement in your game and set goals for yourself. By keeping track of your scores and stats, you can monitor your progress and see how you’re improving over time.

More About The Founders Of GOACH

Anastasia Kostina and Maria Kostina
Anastasia Kostina and Maria Kostina- Goach Co-Founders Sisters on a mission

I love how these two sisters are out on a mission to make a difference in the golf world today.

My motivation in creating the Goach app is to provide every golfer with tools to more fully understand their own game and to provide individualized, purposeful training for reaching their goals.

Anastasia and Maria work together with co-found David Angel. David is married to Marie and is a reformed golf addict who used his passion for the game and tech knowledge to create GOACH. The three golfers designed this golf training tool that will help people to lower their golf scores.

Inspired by Professional Female Golfers

According to the National Golf Foundation, there were approximately 10.5 million female golfers in the United States in 2020. This represents a significant portion of the overall golf market and shows the growing popularity of the sport among women.

Additionally, organizations such as the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) and the Women’s Golf Association (WGA) continue to promote and grow the sport among women and girls, further increasing the number of female golfers each year.

Maria tells me that she learned to play golf in Russia. She came to the  United States at the age of 17 with one-way ticket and without speaking the language.

Randy Henry, a highly claimed golf instructor and his family hosted me for a year before I went on to play college golf for Washington State University.

After I graduated with a psychology degree I played professional golf for three years as a member of the LPGA Futures Tour. During my playing career I had the privilege of learning from great teachers like Randy Henry and Chuck Hogan.

In 2009 I was proud to become one of Randy Henry’s Certified Teachers and coach in his academy for over 10 years. During this time I had the invaluable experience of coaching local boys and girls Post Falls High School Golf Teams.”   – Maria Kostina Angel 

Maria’s sister Anastasia Kostina is also a former LET and LPGA Futures Tour professional golfer.  Anastasia was a member of the Russian National Golf Team 2000-2013.

I’m inspired by pro female golfers. It’s one reason I love this new golf app. Many female golfers are now being recognized as prominent figures in the sport, inspiring future generations of women to take up golf and play competitively.

If you want to improve your golf game, check out Goach. Mobile golf apps have developed into progressively popular tools in recent years, with the sole purpose of providing golfers with an easy and convenient way to improve their game and track their progress. These apps are not only for amateur golfers but golf professionals as well. We are all working on our game no matter our experience.

More About Goach- Download the App And Let Us Know How It Works For You

Goach golf app was launched in 2022 with the mission to drop 1 million strokes from the game of golf. Designed to help golfers reach specific targeted goals, The Goach Report™ provides comprehensive analysis for every round played using A.I. and advanced analytics. The app then runs each report through its proprietary algorithms to build a personalized and targeted training plan to help individual users reach their desired golf goals. For more information visit

Contacts: To reach David Angel, Maria Kostina Angel or Anastasia Kostina, contact

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