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It’s time to get motivated to hit the gym, pavement, bike or boxing bag… to get in shape. There’s no doubt that wearing flattering clothing you feel confident in, makes all the difference, especially at the gym. You know how it is… when you look good; you feel good. So maybe it’s time to shop for some complimentary cute activewear from the top brands, it may give you more motivation to get your rear in gear.

When shopping for activewear, you will want moisture-wicking fabrics that will allow sweat to evaporate quickly and it’s best to avoid anything that goes see-through when stretched. Invest in a flattering black pair, or go for color if you’re feeling brave.  Tights with a pattern hide any bumps, which I love. When in doubt, layer-up. Layering clothing on top of each other adds up the extra pinch of glam.

Quality gym clothes should allow you to move freely without constricting your movements. The worst is if you are wearing a pair of workout tights that make you itch! All the workout items below are super comfy and stretchy so much so you will not want to take them off. 

Gal Pal has hand picked some fun workout wear you will enjoy slipping into.  It doesn’t matter if you are going to boxing, spinning, cross fit or simply dragging your butt to the gym to hop on the treadmill, go in style! 

The Perfect Fit For Your Body

Remember, finding your go-to workout garb is all about what works for your body and what workout you will be doing. For instance, if you are going to yoga, remember to wear either a crop top (not for me) or a shirt you can tuck in so your head isn’t buried in your shirt during your down-dog routine. If you lift weights, and are bending over often, consider wearing a high-neck line so your girls are flowing about. 

My biggest frustration is finding the perfect sports bra that is comfortable. Sometimes slightly bigger. is better. I hate feeling like a tube of toothpaste being squeezed with toothpaste spilling out everywhere. Ya know?  Like under the armpits, yuck.  

Anyway, take a look at the popular cute activewear looks that will motivate you to workout more often. Disclaimer,Gal Pal will receive a very small commission off every sale paid by the retailers. Consumers do not pay a thing.

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