Paint Palette of the year

2022 Paint & Color Palette Of The Year

Every year, paint brands and color experts reveal the shade that represents the new year. In most cases, the year’s color is inspired by what is happening in fashion and design worldwide. You will see these paint colors everywhere in 2022.

This year the color shade of the year was inspired by nature and the sense of calm. It’s not surprising considering what we all have experienced in the Covid era. I think we can all agree that we could all use more peace and calm in our homes. We can all use more warmth too, don’t you think?

Can you guess what the color trend is? Think of a shade that works well with wood tones and has an outdoor vibe.

Drum roll, please……

The shade is a green tone. Green represents rebirth and growth. It also is a color that calls for hope in the future. Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, Valspar, PPG and, Glidden all have their own color hue that offers a different look. So fresh!

If you have white cabinets in your kitchen and are looking for a wall color, a few of these hues would be ideal.

So what type of green hues are we talking about, you ask? Each paint brand offers an interesting shade of green. I like some and others not so much. The great news about greens is that the shade can be either cool or warm so let’s take a look, shall we?

Soft greens even make the list for the most dreamy beachy paint colors.

October Mist by Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore has chosen a soft, silvery-green called October Mist 1495. This muted shade of sage green offers a botanical feel and complements the brand’s more extensive 2022 color trends palette. The assortment includes 14 nature-inspired hues that span tinted off-whites, warm earth tones, and refreshed primary colors.

Benjamin Moore’s October Mist
Benjamin Moore’s October Mist

Benjamin Moore’s 2022 Color Palette of the Year

Benjamin Moore’s color palette of the year is soft and calming. I love the muted tones. Some are ideal for coastal paint colors. like the quiet moments color by Benjamin Moore. Gorgeous!

Where to paint October Mist in your home? Since it is a calming color, paint it in any room you want to feel relaxed. Bathroom, bedroom and office are great ideas. If you just want to add a pop of this peaceful color, consider painting a piece of furniture. It pairs well with dark gray, black and blues.

Valspar 2022 Colors Of The Year

Instead of committing to just one color, Valspar released an entire color palette for 2022, all drawing inspiration from the outdoors. 

These 2022 colors of the year encompass warm neutrals, dusty pastels, and soothing blues and greens, ranging from light and subtle to dramatically dark. Each shade was selected for its ties to nature and ability to foster a peaceful, optimistic mindset.

Sue Kim, Valspar color marketing manager, in a press release. “Valspar’s 2022 Colors of the Year provide consumers a wide range of naturally based warm colors that will not only help calm the nerves and boost the mood but also provide a confidence in what the future may hold.”

Some of these hues are ideal for exterior paint colors as well.

Evergreen Fog By Sherwin-Williams

Sherwin-Williams has chosen the soothing shade of green called,  Evergreen Fog SW 9130 as its 2022 color of the year. The mid-tone gray-green signifies a shift away from the cool neutrals that have previously dominated paint color trends. This familiar, organic color can extend a comforting welcome in entryways, establish quiet and calm in bedrooms or bathrooms, and introduce vital energy to living rooms, kitchens, and other common areas. Great for a exterior house color as well.

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Sherwin Williams Evergreen Fog Color
Sherwin Williams Evergreen Fog Color

Olive Sprig By PPG

PPG selected a soft, organic shade of green called Olive Sprig PPG1125-4 as its 2022 color of the year. The lush mid-tone feels familiar and grounding, and it’s versatile enough to be used as a livelier alternative to traditional neutrals.

Olive Sprig is a relaxed, but enticing green that emulates the feeling of soothing aloe vera or a fragrant plant – brightening any space with organic liveliness.

Olive Sprig

Guacamole By Glidden

Wholly Guacamole friends. This color reminds me of my childhood. Guacamole PPG1121-5 is Glidden’s pick for the 2022 color of the year. This ripe avocado-pop of green. In a press release, the brand noted that online searches for green paint colors have more than doubled since 2020, indicating that homeowners are seeking colors that soothe.

Guacamole by Glidden


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