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12 Cozy Ways To Decorate Your Home For Fall

Hello autumn. Cozy moody image
Hello autumn. Cozy moody image


To give your  home that warm and inviting fall feeling without having to change out all of your decor, we have some easy Fall decorating ideas for you.


A few simple fall pieces will take you all the way from September through Thanksgiving, which means you won’t have to change a thing until the holidays.  Since I’m all about keeping things easy and affordable, most of the autumn decorating ideas in this post incorporate things you probably have around the house or yard.  Maple branches offer foliage that is so beautiful because of the rich color.   Other branches that look equally pretty are anything with berries (just keep them out of reach of kids!), Aspen Leaf, as well as Oak.


1. Bring The outside In

Take a walk in your yard and garden and look for rustic wood sticks, pinecones, acorns, curly willows.  try incorporating some large branches, pampas grass or greenery,

Choose a favorite fall bloom for an instant touch of autumn. Arrange marigolds, sunflowers, chrysanthemums, or another fall flower in a vase to place on your bathroom vanity or an open shelf. An arrangement of a single flower variety offers elegant simplicity, while a mixed bouquet dials up the flair.

2. Cluster Candlesticks Or Lanterns.

Create a warm display of candles and natural leaves to add drama to a space.Add scented candles…everywhere! I love lighting candles that offer a smell of fall like apple, pumpkin, vanilla. So cozy!

3.  Create A Cozy Reading Spot.

Layer thick cozy blankets and fall colored pillows in a comfy nook along with a reading light and a small table you can place your warm tea or coffee on.  Somewhat enclosed spaces, like the window bench in my family room, seem to have built-in coziness…take advantage of it by making it a good place to sit.

Create A Cozy Reading Nook

4.  Display A Wheat Sheaf Bundle.


A dried wheat sheaf is a classic fall harvest decorating piece. Tie a lovely ribbon around the bundle that is a warm tone like a soft beige or chocolate brown. It looks ideal in the entry way or side table.


5.  Add Warmth Underfoot.

Change out some of your rugs with warm fall tones.

6.  Spice Up Your Front Door With A Simple Expensive Wreath


7.  Decorate Your Front Porch.

If you have room on your front porch, consider the traditional dried corn stalks, hay bales that will offer a festive harvest aesthetic. Add pumpkins and gourds around the hay bales. Use decorative greenery, like eucalyptus leaves, to fill any negative space between plantings, pumpkins, and other front porch decor.

MUMS! Mums are inexpensive and perfect for your front porch. Place them on your steps to add color and joy through November.

Consider placing lanterns with battery operated candles that will radiate a warm glow at night..

If you have room… add a bench because it offers a cozy place to sit and rest not to mention decorate.

8.  Top large cake stands with pumpkins, squash, cabbage, parsnips.

Photo from

9.  Pile on thicker, heavier linens in the bedroom

Mix various materials to offer texture variance and interest such as faux-fur and wool.


Photo from:

10.  Pumpkins

  • Sprinkle little white pumpkins throughout the house. White goes with everything. Use orange pumpkins where you can.
  • Paint Pumpkins. See my Chinoiserie painted pumpkin tutorial here. 
  • I love Chinoiserie- so I am paining pumpkins (either faux or white pumpkins) with blue and white chalk-styled paint,and accent the pumpkins with antiqued florals.
  • Berry wrapped pumpkins
  • Add visual interest to white pumpkins (or white faux pumpkins) by wrapping them with  berry garland.  You can go with the real deal or purchase an artificial version ($9, Michaels). Vary the size of your pumpkins for visual interest.

11.  Fall Tablescape Ideas-

How To Create A tablescape In  six (6) Easy Steps:
  1. Lay the foundation of your table with a runner or tablecloth. I love to use runners. Pick a cloth or runner that leaves most of your table bare. Go for a color that compliments the dining room chairs and other decorations in the room.
  2. Pick a simple centerpiece and place it in the middle of the table. The centerpiece will help the table look interesting while still keeping it clean and empty. Choose your centerpiece size based on the size of your table, and place it on top of the table runner or table cloth.Choose a centerpiece that fits your table’s space. Aim to having the tallest and largest part of the centerpiece in the center of the table and other smaller pieces out toward the sides. When using multiple candles or flower vases, use odd numbers because they are more pleasing to the eye
  3. Organize in sets of three. 
  4. Put decorations around the centerpiece if you like an eclectic style. When a large centerpiece isn’t enough to satisfy your decorating needs, place small items that match your theme between the larger pieces.
  5. Pick placemats that compliment the tablecloth
  6. Make sure you add texture to the table with wood, leaves, pine cones etc. 

For Thanksgiving Tablescape Ideas see this article:

Here are some lovely ideas to explore:

Photo from Crown Linen Designs

12.  Create an Outdoor Room

There is nothing like having guests enjoy an enclosed plush sitting area that boasts candles and a fireplace.  Gather warm blankets for each guest and decorate the yard or patio area with lanterns and overhead strung lights for the extra glow.

Wine in the yard **nominated**
Wine and fire pit

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