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Come Sit On The Porch With Me

There is just something about a front porch that speaks to my soul.  I’ve always been drawn to houses with big, welcoming, wrap-around porches.  The kind of porches that just feel like a big hug where honest conversations and relaxing moments are shared.

When my husband and I made the decision to downsize to a quiet, little downtown bungalow in Auburn California, we knew one of the things we’d miss the most was our big front porch.  The thing is you really don’t need ‘big’ to be warm and welcoming.

We LOVE our little front porch and have found it to be a relaxing place for us to put our feet up, share stories and welcome friends, family and neighbors passing by. 

Whether you are welcoming people to your front porch or welcoming them inside your home, hospitality is part of our desire for connection.  In her book, “Rhythms of Renewal”, Rebekah Lyons discusses four nourishing rhythms of life; Rest, Restore, Connect and Create.  In the section about “Connect”, there is chapter titled “Open Porch Policy” in which she shares

Wendy & friends on her sweet porch connecting with grace & gratitude

Find True Community & Connection

Through hospitality, I find true community, connection with friends, family and those we now love or soon will because I made myself available and opened our doors.” 


Some of my girlfriends and I are gathering once a week in my home to study Rebekah’s book together.  We laugh, we cry, we pray and we connect in a most authentic and spiritual way.  It’s the best in companionship.

We get real with one another supporting, loving and encouraging each other as we embrace the ups and downs of all four of these life rhythms.  In the Bible, Jesus says “For where two or more gather in my name, there I am with them”, and we definitely feel God’s amazing love all around us whether we are hanging out on my porch or sitting around my kitchen table. 

Regardless of where we gather, rest assured we are always enjoying coffee in our darling personalized mugs, delicious muffins from our local bakery, The Baker and the Cakemaker, and fresh produce from our local farmers market.  Living local is all part of our shared desire for connection and community. 

Bible Study book
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Girlfriend Time Is Important

Girlfriend time is important and Rebekah’s chapter about having an ‘open porch policy’ reminds us to have hearts of grace and gratitude as we open your homes, and our porches, with welcoming hospitality.   So please, come sit with me on my porch.  It is a little porch, but there is big love to share and all are welcome. 

Grace and Gratitude Sign
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Five Tips For An “Open Porch Policy”

  1. Come as you are! Welcome friends and family to your porch or into your home “as is” – no fuss or expectations. 
  2. Come often! Invite people regularly so they come to know your porch or home as a comfortable, reliable place to be together.
  3. Offer a cozy, inviting place by having good lighting, comfortable seating and cozy areas for good conversation.
  4. Offer refreshments and try to feature local goods to give a sense of belonging and community. Try this yummy hot apple cider recipe.
  5. Be vulnerable, open and authentic with your conversation. The more real you are with your guests, the more safe they feel sharing and connecting. Listen more than you talk as so often people just want to be heard. 
Fall Front Door Wreaths

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