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The 13 best dog breeds for women and kids- Family dogs

by Lisa Marinkovich
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Are you considering getting a dog for yourself, child or family? Your best pal. Your sidekick. Your inspiration. Your shoulder to lean on. Your dog.  Woman’s best friend! There is nothing like owning a dog that becomes part of your family. Every gal should own a dog 🙂 Every kid needs a dog! Did you see the article 13 Scientific Reasons to get a dog for your kid/family


Finding a dog that matches your life-style or your family’s way of life is so very important. We have listed the top 13 dog breeds for women and for families. To be fair to you and your pup there are a few things you should think about before you bring your dog home. 

Please consider adopting a pup from a shelter. We got our Lucky dog from the pound and he was the best dog ever. There are awesome dogs that need good homes. Many dogs at the pound a lovely mixed breeds or so called mutts. Mutts are awesome! Even still, it helps to understand the breeds because genes run deep. Mixed breed dogs can often offer some of the best mix of breeds like our Lucky dog. We adopted Lucky from the pound and after doing an DNA test, we found out Lucky is part White Shepard, Labador Retriever and Terrier. He is the best dog ever! 

What determines the best breed for you and your family?
  • Time commitment. All dogs take up lots of time in training and exercise. But some dogs require more time than others. Dog park trips, regular grooming and exercise beyond the basics. Is that something you’re up for?
  • Living situation. Some dogs are better suited to living in apartments or small living areas than others. Some dogs can’t be trusted with small animals that’s why we have offered 13 breeds that are good with kids.  If you’ve got small children, other pets, shared walls, or an unfenced yard, that all comes into play with selecting your new dog.
  • Energy level.   Would you rather skip a daily walk, or are you a runner and hiker and biker and skier? Or somewhere in between?
  • Social life. Not all dogs are social butterflies. Some are homebodies who’d rather hang out one-on-one. Other dogs get anxious when left alone. Some dogs just love the party. If you spend a lot of time out and about, look for a dog that either wants to join in the fun or is fine hanging out alone. The list below describes the breed. 
  • Your interest in training. Some dogs practically require their owner to be a professional trainer. These dogs are what I call “aficionado dogs.” While you might not need to work on extreme behavior problems, these dogs really crave the mental stimulation of training. Owners of dogs like Border Collies, Belgian Malinois, and other dogs on our smartest dog breed list should have a keen interest in training. Many professional trainers seek out these dogs for that reason. Several professional trainers even got into the field because they adopted a dog like this.
  • Your safety. Some women living alone may be interested in getting a canine buddy in part for protection. While basically any dog will deter would-be burglars, certain dog breeds are more intimidating than others.

WOMEN & kids (family dogs)

1. Sturdy & smart- English bulldogs

This is Dozer. Dozer was my Dad's second English Bulldog who was a smart, gentle and loyal fella.

 The Bulldog has a sturdy build that is suitable for kids who like to roughhouse. However, he won’t win any awards for “most energetic dog.” A docile, friendly, and loyal dog, the Bulldog gets along well with other pets and dogs, too. The Bulldog is comfortable living in large houses as well as small residences. 

There is a bulldog that lives on our island that actually skateboards for real! It’s the most amazing thing to watch. 

 Keep in mind that the constricted nature of their jaw means they’ll need a little extra care in the teeth cleaning area, and wheezing, snoring and some drooling is par for the course. From what The personality of this breed makes up for any mouth related issues. 

2. Most popular breed- labador retriver

Labs are a tremendous family dog – that is, when given enough vigorous exercise. Trust me… this breed needs lots of attention and love. If you live near water, this breed may be for you. Labs love to swim and retrieve and can do this all day long if given the opportunity. 

You can’t just leave this breed in the back yard every day with one walk around the block.

One of the best dogs for children of all ages, Labrador Retrievers are kind, good-natured, and take most things in stride. 

Whether it’s the black, chocolate or yellow variety, you’ll find that all Labradors share the same sense of stamina, strength and the obedience that makes them such a popular breed. Check out more about what makes Labrador Retrievers so great right here.

This is our pup Ranger. Ranger is two years old and he has been a very caring lovable but busy Labrador Retriver.

3. Royal Fur-mate- king charels spaniel

This is my niece with her puppy Alex. She is the ideal family dog that can keep up with little busy Mia.

King Charles Spaniels are one of the largest of the toy breeds, they’re often athletic and as a true sporting breed enjoy hiking, running on the beach, and dog agility sports. 

The more restful members of the breed find success as family friends and therapy dogs. The sweet, calm, melting expression emanating from the large, round eyes is a breed hallmark. Another is the silky, richly colored coat that can be one of four distinct varieties.

Mia can tell you that her little “Alex” named after my son, is very sweet and fun to play with. This breed is a wonderful family dog. This breed is great for new dog owners as they are a relatively easy type of dog to own. 

4. Active Families with Allergies- Labradoodle

A Labradoodle is a crossbred dog created by crossing the Labrador Retriever and the Standard, Miniature or Toy Poodle. Most labradoodles are hypo-allergic and do not shed which is a major plus!

As an energetic dog, Labradoodles prefer a proper amount of space to play.  Larger Labradoodles may not do as well in a cramped home space with no place to roam.  They also need to be physically and mentally stimulated, so will thrive in a setting where there are people to interact with regularly.

Kelly my Gal Pal and her family adores Gretta, she doesn’t shed, doesn’t bark too much and is smart and fun to play with. A ideal family dog. 


This is Gretta, a sweet girl. Gretta is kind and well trained. She is always so sweet. Whenever I visit, she actually smiles at me.


Mini Labradoodles cross a mini Poodle with a Labrador Retriever or another Labradoodle (f1b mini Labradoodle pups). Standard Labradoodles are a mix of a Poodle with a Labrador Retriever. 

Labradoodles and mini Labradoodles have the brains, the temperaments, and the loyalty to become excellent service dogs. My Gal Pal Jeanie, has owned her mini doodle for close to 10 years now and I have grown to love that little girl. She is so sweet she actually hugs you by placing her leg around your neck when you hold her…. if she adores you. 


Best Dog Breeds for Women and Kids
Isn't she cute? This is little Abigail. Abby is a little doodle and belongs to my Gal Pal Jeanie. I swear she is part human, seriously. She is sensitive and acts like a little person.

5. The affectionate little pup- the pug

These two little darlings are Peaches and Daisy. These cuties belong to my Gal Pal Jeanette and her family.

Pugs are best suited to people who have a lot of time and love to give, as the breed thrives on affection. Pugs are alert, and love to show their love for their owners and everyone else! They enjoy being cuddled and patted and can sometimes get jealous or troubled when your affections are devoted to someone else.

Pugs are optimal for families with children, as they are customarily very patient with children and love to play games. The shape of their mouth prevents them from biting efficiently and this makes them reasonably harmless.

Daisy and Peaches pictures on the left enjoy visiting and are always hungry to attention. 


6. Lifelong pups - The Golden Retriver

Goldens are outgoing, trustworthy, and eager-to-please family dogs, and relatively easy to train. Golden’s have a joyous and playful approach to life and maintain this puppyish behavior into adulthood. Goldens love to snuggle on the sofa as much as they like to swim, hike and play.

This breed of dogs are so intelligent that they are always looking for ways to please their owners and make them happy. Because of this, they are easy to train. They make ideal dogs for all children because they are very patient even when a child is crawling all over them literally!

My Gal Pal Wendy is pictured here with brothers Oakly and Trigger. These sweet boys were always so playful even in their old age.

7. long living breed- the beagle

Most beagles live to be 13 to 16 years old, but a 28-year-old beagle named Butch surpassed that expectation by quite a lot in 2003, according to the International Business Times.Beagles were meant to hunt in packs, which means they live for companionship and have tons of energy —

Beagles can take care of themselves if left alone at home for long hours. In this fast-paced world, everyone in busy with their routine stuff either in office, college or in school. Once your beagle is fully trained, he will then quietly wait for you at home. Moreover, beagles love their own company. So, if you are a busy-bee then this breed would be your best choice.

8. Super chilled- the basset hound

If those huge eyes don’t win you over, then those enormous, floppy ears definitely will. Basset Hound are loyal, low-key dogs that are known for their keen sense of smell. This breed is known to be very sweet but hard to train at times. If you like to be near water, this breed is not for you as they are not good swimmers. 

This breed is great for a family who is not super active. These dogs want to be around you and just chill out. 

9. Constant Companion- Irish Setter

fullsizeoutput_11814 2
Meet Maggie Girl! Maggie is my Gal Pal Jamee's dog that she adopted and has turned out to be a heartbreaker.

Irish Setters love being with their family so much that they hate to be alone, which means they’re on their best behavior when surrounded by their loved ones. (Check out some easy ways to prevent separation anxiety in your dog here.) My Gal Pal Jamee has an Irish Setter and she is such a cutie she loves to crawl on your lap and cuddle.  

Irish Setters are highly intelligent and intuitive which makes them a challenge to train at times.  With their wonderful temperaments, they make terrific therapy dogs and can be found visiting hospices and hospitals, spreading the gift of love and warmth. 

Without ample exercise, an Irish Setter can be overly active inside the home, and become frustrated. This is an amiable breed, eager to please and be part of family activities.  

With this in mind, if you like the outdoors and are active, this breed would be a good fit. 

10. Likes cold Tempatures - Bernese Mountain Dog

This beautiful breed thrives in chilly weather thanks to their thick, glossy coats. They’re also a perfect match for families, because they’re gentle with young children This loyal, sensitive, and extremely devoted breed is reserved with strangers and very gentle with kids. It also plays well with other pets and dogs, and is unhappy if isolated from family activities.

These gentle giants are intelligent which appeals to new dog owners. Please note that this breed are great watchdogs, but they also bark-loudly. The Bernese MountainDog’s size and high energy can make handling difficult, just be prepared for such

11. Nature’s Babysitter- Newfoundland

Nicknamed “Nature’s Babysitter,” the Newfoundland is considered one of the most intelligent breeds in the world, and they just happen to love children and are very protective of them. Gentle, kind, and patient, this breed is almost like the Mother Teresa of dogs. Both young and old will quickly fall in love with this wonderfully charming, large dog.

These dogs known to drool and shed excessively, they should not be left to live outdoors in the yard. This breed wants to be inside with its family. Keep in mind that these large dogs can be VERY LARGE and shed lots of hair. But besides that, this breed is great for women and families. 

12. affectionate, active& gentle- Vizsla

The Vizsla has a lively disposition but a calm manner and is both loyal and affectionate. The breed is also obedient, confident and smart, forming close bonds with family and able to learn new tricks quickly. Sensitive, gentle and full of energy.  

Look how cute this dog is! The Vizsla breed needs an owner with lots of time to get outside and play. The Vizsla does not want to be left alone and and can develop separation anxiety. 


13. Personable & Outgoing -The BOXER

Meet Scarlet, my bestie's dog. Scarlet has been a wonderful family dog and is very loved by all members of the family. She is easy to love.

The breed’s reputation as an all-around healthy, warmhearted, even-tempered, athletic, and devoted family member is well-earned, and it’s why the Boxer consistently ranks in the Top 10 AKC-registered breeds.

The Boxer is a breed of medium-sized, short-haired dogs developed in Germany. Their coat is smooth and tight-fitting; colors are fawn or brindled, with or without white markings, which may cover the entire body, and white.

Scarlet, pictured to your left, is a gorgeous boxer. Her owners said they would get another boxer again.


Before getting a dog, you need to figure out if you want a puppy or an older dog.  

A little puppy is always cute and fun, but they typically have a lot of energy and will need plenty of attention. If you do not have a lot of time and energy to spend socializing and training an active puppy, and you do not feel up to cleaning up messes for a few weeks, or months then an older dog a great choice. 

An adult dog does no usually require  as much maintenance as a puppy, but it may have some habits that still need some training. 

Besides thinking about whether you want a puppy or an adult dog, the breed of dog that you would like to adopt is an important aspect to consider. Each breed has its own rewards and challenges. Don’t just pick a dog because you like how they look. The personality is a much more important factor to keep in mind.

We hope that we have provided you with some great personal information about breeds. 


Deciding to get a dog shouldn’t be an impulsive choice.  Make sure you really want to get a dog before you pull the trigger and adopt or buy a dog.  Dogs are a lot of work but they the benefits way overweigh the implications of being a pet owner.

Adopting from a shelter is always a good choice when you are seeking for a new dog for your family. Every gal needs a dog, so do this for yourself too! 

According to the ASPCA, every year 3.3 million dogs enter an animal shelter. If you love animals then the idea of dogs cooped up in cages at some shelter probably tugs pretty hard on your heartstrings. 


Do you research before you get a dog. Trust your gut when you are looking at dogs for your family. 

Good Luck! 

Please let us know if you find a new family member. 


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Hi Lisa, I really enjoyed the article on Family Friendly Dogs, especially all of the personalized photos. My favorite, of course, was darling Dozer! Wishing you all the best, Peggy

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This is a great article and super helpful as there are so many choices when it comes to breeds!!! And I confirm that boxers are an amazing family dog!!!


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