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How To Deal With False Assault Charges -While Managing Your Marriage

Should False Assault Charges Against Your Spouse Affect Your Marriage?

Assault charges are perhaps the most serious ones as they can affect one’s career, reputation, and relationships in the long run. Even false ones can be daunting because the accused needs to do a lot to prove innocence and validate the truth.

If your spouse encounters false accusations of assaulting a co-worker or someone else, expect a rough patch for your marriage. It can hurt your trust in your partner and faith in the relationship. Although the situation is likely to be traumatic for a wife, you must not let it affect your marriage.

Saving it is even more crucial if you have kids together. Here are some tips to help partners who want to salvage their relationship despite false assault accusations against their spouse.

How To Handle Your Emotions

Handling your emotions is perhaps the most challenging part of the situation. Your reactions may vary from deep rage to distress, anxiety, fear, and depression. It is natural to feel cheated by your partner when someone accuses them of physical assault or molestation. But you must control your emotions and maintain your composure to think clearly and analyze the situation. Anger and distress often cloud your judgment, and you may end up being on the opposite side of your husband. Avoid giving in to negative emotions and making assumptions before hearing them out.

Show Your Trust

An honest conversation with your husband should be the next step once you find your composure. Listen to their version of the story carefully and unbiasedly. You may ask questions if you have doubts, such as the consent from the accuser making the accusation a false one.

You may even find facts by talking to your spouse’s co-workers or other witnesses who were around during the incident. Sort the story so that you can trust your husband, and show it with words of affirmation. It can go a long way in boosting his confidence, no matter how big the mess is.

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How To Help With Legal Defense

Nothing matters more than defending your partner when he is in trouble, even while being innocent. You must look for a seasoned sex crime defense lawyer to get him out of trouble and eventually save your marriage. A defense lawyer can help you clear his name and get him a clean chit from the court by proving his innocence with robust evidence.

The last thing you should do is assume that the truth will prevail. The accuser may actually use false evidence and testimonies to get your spouse convicted. So you must not skimp on defense and get the best lawyer on board.

How To Support Your Partner

Your partner needs your support to stay sane during a critical situation. But it takes a lot of effort to be a supportive spouse when your husband loses his job and reputation. Money runs tight in the family, and emotions may flare up due to the undercurrents. Your kids will ask some complicated questions when they hear about the incident at school, from social media, or elsewhere. Friends, neighbors, siblings, and parents will also have doubts about your partner’s character. Be there by his side, and show that you trust him. Provide financial support if he loses his job or faces temporary suspension. Your support can be a savior for your partner and marriage in the long run.

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Resume Normalcy In Your Family Life

Saving your marriage is also about resuming your family life, no matter how challenging it sounds. You must spend quality time together and with the kids as the first step toward regaining normalcy.

Your relationship intimacy should not suffer because it plays a key role in sustaining a marriage. Resume outings without fearing the social stigma, as it is the last thing you should worry about if your spouse is innocent. Normalcy breeds trust in the marriage and parenting role, so you must get it back sooner than later.

Your marriage is too precious to let false charges against your spouse ruin it. You can do your bit by listening to him, trusting him, and supporting him throughout the crisis. If he is not guilty, he deserves your love, respect, and understanding.

Just being around can boost his confidence and self-esteem, which go a long way in fighting back and proving innocence. Moreover, your trust translates into the trust of your kids and family. You can follow these simple tips to save your marriage from the worst implications of false assault charges. Your relationship deserves a chance, so do not hesitate to give it!

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