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Paula’s Easy Brown Derby Cocktail Recipe

My Gal Pal Paula shared one of her favorite cocktail recipes that is easy to make and delicious!

The History Of the Brown Derby Cocktail

The Brown Derby historic cocktail was created in the 1930s at the Vendôme Club in Los Angeles, and it was named for the eponymous hat-shaped diner that was based nearby. However, the cocktail’s origin gets a bit muddy from there.

The Brown Derby appeared in the book “Hollywood Cocktails,” which was published in 1933. But it also showed up under a unique name, the De Rigueur Cocktail, in British bartender Harry Craddock’s classic . 

Did the former pull the recipe from the latter and modify its name? Were two drinks with the same recipe living under various names in different places? It’s inconceivable to know for sure, but drinkers won’t be bothered with history when they sip the delicious, tart, fresh cocktail.

Why we love the Brown Derby Cocktail

The Brown Derby is a simple—you shake bourbon, grapefruit and honey syrup with ice. Keep in mind that the honey needs to be thinned out with water. When you do this, the mix blends well with any ingredients. Keep in mind that you can keep the syrup in the fridge for over a month.

This cocktail is great on a cold night with this easy wrapped date recipe  app before a warm dinner like this roasted chicken recipe. 


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