baby back rib recipe

Mary’s family oven roasted Chinese baby back rib recipe

My dear friend Mary Foster sent me this secret Chinese rib recipe with me to share with you. If you are looking for a killer rib recipe, this is it! You don’t even have to fire up the barbecue to get the barbecue flavor.

Marinate overnight so it’s ready to pop in the oven 24 hours later

Get ready to say “hands off” when you make this one- says Mary.

Mary says that her oldest sister whipped up these ribs for their  dad’s birthday celebration, and they barely made it to the dining table. It’s one of those recipes where it smells so good it has the whole gang surrounded the oven before you know it.

“While the glistening racks of baby backs were resting on the cutting board, my other not-so-helpful sister (what a surprise) snuck in and hacked off a rib to sample.  After that, the flood gates were open and five or six others followed suit (including myself!).  Even the younger kids were reaching for the carving knife to nab a juicy rib.  When my mom makes these, she uses country style spare ribs, but I prefer the baby backs.  Either way, it’s ridiculously easy.  And your house will smell incredible!” says Mary.

Give this special recipe a try. You may be like me and decide to create a family recipe book to keep all your family recipes in one place.


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