Rosanna’s Famous Tomato Vodka Pasta Recipe

Hi Pals-

I wanted to feature a killer recipe from my dear friend Rosanna Bowles… a legendary award-winning international tableware designer.  Rosanna is an entertaining extraordinaire. Not because she makes everything so elegant and perfect (because she does) but rather because she entertains with such ease. Never a fuss, just simple, elegant , delish and comfortable. I always feel at home in her house.

Rosanna Designs is  headquartered in Seattle, Wash., Rosanna emerged a leader and trend-setter in the home-wares and décor industry. With millions of tableware and product sold worldwide, Rosanna became an  acclaimed global lifestyle brand.  You can find her designs here.  

Rosanna’s tomato vodka pasta recipe is one of my favorites so I wanted to share it here for all my Gal Pals to try. This tomato vodka sauce recipe and 49 others can be found in Rosanna’s Coming Home Book. Buy it here.


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