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Fun Creative Women’s Golf Tournament Theme Ideas

Golf isn’t just about the swing—it’s also about the fun, camaraderie, and creativity you can bring to the green. Women’s themed golf events have taken the world by storm. I have played in many golf themed events. I wanted to share some creative fun women’s golf tournament theme and golf game ideas with you.

Whether you’re organizing a small ladies’ golf tournaments or league gatherings. These golf themes are fun. Perhaps you have a invitational tournament or a field day event, a distinctive theme can make your event unforgettable. Here are some top fun women’s golf theme ideas to inspire your next tournament.

Golf Rockin and Roll Theme

1. Rockin Golf Theme

The following is a list of fun golf event name ideas (for ladies golf tournaments):

  • Swing and Strings Open
  • The Rock the Greens Open
  • Rockin The Greens
  • Tunes on the Tee Invitational
  • Tees and Tunes Band Fest

Rock Star AttireCostumes and Dress Code

  • Players: Encourage participants to dress as their favorite rock stars, complete with leather jackets, band t-shirts, and funky hairstyles. Band theme ideas. We dressed as the Spice girls.
  • Best Dressed Contest: Award prizes for the best individual and team costumes.

Musical Golf Game Ideas:

The creative and fun gals of Wing Point came up with these golf games that we played during our last field day tournament.

Close to You: The Carpenters
  • All 4 members have one shot
  • Two “bullseyes” around the hole
    • 1st circle = hole in 1
    • 2nd circle = birdie
    • On the green = par
    • Off the green = bogee
  • Use rope to make the zones
Twist and Shout: The Beatles (or any twist song)
  • Teeing off point in the right bunker
  • All 4 players drop and hit from the sand
  • Continue playing Hit & Sit rules, hole out to complete
  • Scoring: per Hit & Sit Rules
Piano Man: Billy Joel
  • All 4 members tee off & play Hit & Sit format
  • Do not move the keys on the green
  • Scoring: per Hit & Sit Rules
  • Hole in the center of the green, piano key obstacles
Mulligan Island Golf Tournament Ideas

2. Mulligan Island Golf Tournament

Fun and creative golf tournament names for Mulligan Island Golf Tournament Theme:

  • Castaway Challenge Golf Tournament
  • Tiki Tee-Off Classic

The Mulligan Island was a fun theme for our ladies golf tournament . Mulligan Island Madness: Transform the course into a tropical paradise with island-themed decorations, palm trees, coconuts, and beach-inspired elements. The ladies golf tournament theme was so much fun.

Castaway Challenge: Encourage players to dress up in island-themed attire such as Hawaiian shirts, leis, and grass skirts for a tropical feel.

The real housewives of golf - golf theme ideas

3. The Real Housewives of Golf

Fun and creative golf tournament names for The Real Housewives Of Golf:

  • Fashionistas Divas on the Green
  • Putters and Pearls
  • The Stroke of Style Society

Channel the glamour and drama of the “Real Housewives” series with a red carpet-themed golf event. Encourage team members to don their most fabulous attire and add a touch of sparkle to their golf clubs. A fun golf theme for a ladies golf tournaments or field day event.

Hire an event photographer and set up a photo booth to capture those glitzy moments. Tee prizes can include luxury items like hat clips and custom golf balls with a tournament logo. This theme is perfect for a member guest event or a charity fundraiser, adding a dose of high society to the fairways.

Diamonds in the Rough:

  • Format: Scavenger hunt-style game where participants search for hidden “diamonds” (rhinestones) around the course.
  • Twist: Collect the most diamonds to win luxury prizes.
festive flair and competitive elegance with our Mardi Gras-themed golf tournament exclusively for women!

4. Mardi Gras Madness

Fun Mardi Gras golf themes for events:

  • Mardi Golf Madness on the Bayou
  • Beads, Birdies, and Bogey Bash
  • Masquerade on the Fairway
  • Big Easy Birdie Bonanza

Bring the vibrant colors and festive spirit of Mardi Gras to your next golf outing. Decorate the course with beads, masks, and feathers, and encourage golfers to wear purple, green, and gold.

Consider offering tee prizes like Mardi Gras-themed golf accessories. This fun theme works well for a best ball format, ensuring everyone enjoys the festive atmosphere. Pair the event with a New Orleans-style feast for an added touch of authenticity. It’s a colorful and fun idea for ladies golf tournaments.

Some Fun Creative Golf Decorations and Golf Hole Ideas:

Themed Hole Decorations

Activity: Decorate each hole with Mardi Gras colors (purple, green, and gold) and themed decorations to bring the festive spirit to the course.

  1. Color Scheme:
    • Use purple, green, and gold decorations such as balloons, streamers, and banners at each hole.
    • Consider using flags or pin markers in these colors.
  2. Mardi Gras Masks:
    • Place Mardi Gras masks on signposts or as part of the hole’s decoration.
    • Incorporate masks into the tee markers or hole signage.
  3. Beads and Baubles:
    • Hang bead necklaces from trees, bushes, or around the hole signs.
    • Scatter plastic coins or doubloons around the tee areas.
  4. Themed Props:
    • Use props like mini parade floats, jazz instruments, and king cake models.
    • Place props at strategic locations to enhance the visual appeal.
  5. Hole Naming:
    • Give each hole a unique Mardi Gras-related name, such as “Bourbon Street,” “Jazz Alley,” “King Cake Corner,” and “Crescent City.”
Pink Golf Tournament

5. Pink Party – Breast Cancer Awareness Golf Theme

Pink golf tourney event name ideas:

  • Pretty in Pink Golf Tourney
  • Drive for a cure
  • Let’s Flamingo- Pink Flamingo

Host a golf event that not only brings people together but also supports a great cause. A Breast Cancer Awareness theme is meaningful and impactful. Decorate the course with pink ribbons and encourage golfers to wear pink.

Partner with an organization for fundraising. Offer pink-themed tee gifts and prizes. This theme is especially poignant during Breast Cancer Awareness Month and can create a powerful sense of community among participants.

Pink Flamingo Party on the golf course

Creative Pink Party Ideas

Here are some golf event golf game ideas to explore:

Pink Ball Challenge

  • Setup: Each team receives a pink golf ball to use on a specific hole.
  • Objective: The team that keeps their pink ball in play the longest wins a prize.
  • Twist: Offer prizes such as pink golf gear, ribbons, or a donation made in the winning team’s name to a breast cancer charity. Ideal for a ladies golf tournament theme.
Pink Tournament for ladies. A group of ladies wearing pink

Charity Mulligans

  • Setup: Players can purchase mulligans (do-over shots) with the proceeds going to breast cancer research.
  • Objective: Use the mulligans strategically to improve scores.
  • Twist: Offer a special prize for the player who uses the fewest mulligans.

Closest to the Ribbon

  • Setup: Place a pink ribbon marker on the green.
  • Objective: The player whose ball lands closest to the ribbon wins.
  • Twist: Prizes could include pink golf balls, apparel, or a donation made in their name.
Western golf themed event for ladies

6. Western Golf Theme

Some creative and fun western golf tournament names for a ladies golf event:

  • Rodeo Queens Golf Tournament
  • Tee Time Hoedown
  • Frontier Fairway Fiesta
  • Wild West Golf Roundup

Swap your golf shoes for cowboy boots and hit the course with a Western flair. This theme is perfect for a fun, relaxed event where participants can dress in their best Western attire. Use hay bales and rustic decorations around the course, and offer themed prizes like cowboy hats and bandanas.

A country music playlist will set the perfect tone for this unique theme. Consider holding the event at a miniature golf course for a playful twist on the traditional game. Golf theme game ideas for a Western Theme are below.

Sheriff’s Longest Drive

  • Setup: Mark with sheriff’s badges and hay bales.
  • Prize: Award for longest drive.
Western Themed Golf Tournament

Cowboy Hat Hole-in-One

  • Setup: Place a large cowboy hat near the hole.
  • Prize: For getting the ball inside/near the hat.

Gold Rush Closest to the Pin

  • Setup: Scatter “gold nuggets” around the green.
  • Prize: For closest shot to the pin.

Lasso the Hole

  • Setup: Place a lasso around the hole.
  • Prize: For putting through the lasso into the hole.
Pearls and Polka Dot Golf Theme

7 . Pearls and Polka Dots – or Red Carpet Theme

Fun and creative Red Carpet theme Golf Event Names:

  • Fairway to Fame: Golf Chic Extravaganza
  • Greens and Glamour: A Celebrity Golf Event
  • Golf Couture On The Greens

Roll out the red carpet and let your golfers feel like stars at your next tournament. This glamorous theme is perfect for evening events or charity fundraisers especially for ladies golf tournament themes.

Decorate the course with Hollywood stars and film reels, and hire an event photographer to capture the glitz and glamour. Offer luxurious tee prizes and set up a photo booth with movie-themed props. A Hollywood theme is perfect for attracting community members and adding a touch of elegance to your event.

Around the world golf theme idea

7. Around The World

Take your golfers on a global adventure with a different country theme for each hole. Decorate each tee box with flags and symbols from various countries, and offer international-themed snacks and drinks.

This educational and entertaining theme is great for member guest tournaments, allowing participants to experience a world tour without leaving the course. Offer tee gifts like travel-themed golf accessories or passport-style photo folders. It’s a fun golf event theme idea.

Around the world is a fun Ladies Golf tournament theme.

Around the world golf tournament outfits for lady golfers

Example Course Layout:

  1. Scotland (St. Andrews)
    • Hole 1: Traditional links-style hole with Scottish trivia.
  2. USA (Augusta National)
    • Hole 2: Flowering trees and American snacks.
  3. Japan (Kasumigaseki)
    • Hole 3: Zen garden obstacles and Japanese phrase challenge.
  4. Australia (Royal Melbourne)
    • Hole 4: Bunker challenge with Australian trivia.
  5. France (Le Golf National)
    • Hole 5: Eiffel Tower-themed hole with French pastries.
  6. South Africa (Gary Player Country Club)
    • Hole 6: Safari-themed hole with South African trivia.

8. U.S. Women’s Open Championships

Fun Golf Event Theme Ideas:

  • Swing Into Summer
  • Vintage Golf Classic
  • Celebrity Golf Charity Tournament

Celebrate the spirit of professional women’s golf by hosting a tournament inspired by the U.S. Women’s Open Championships. Set up your course to mimic famous holes from past championships and offer prizes related to the sport’s history.

Creative and Fun Ideas For U.S. Women’s Golf Event Theme

Decorations and Ambiance:

  • Use vintage golf memorabilia such as old golf clubs, balls, and trophies for decor. Retro decorations the key.
  • Classic colors like black, white, and gold with a touch of plaid patterns.
  • Elegant floral arrangements with vintage vases.
  • Summer Vibes: Decorate the venue with bright, summery colors like yellows, blues, and greens. Use flowers, palm trees, and beach-inspired elements.

Activities and Entertainment

  • Interactive Zones: Create areas where attendees can try their hand at putting or driving. Mini-golf courses or virtual golf simulators can be a hit.
  • Player Meet-and-Greet: Arrange for autograph sessions and Q&A with the golfers, allowing fans to connect with their favorite players.
  • Live Music: Have a stage with live music performances to entertain between rounds.

This theme is ideal for serious golfers looking to test their skills. Incorporate elements like longest drive and best ball competitions to enhance the competitive spirit. It’s a great way to honor the sport and inspire participants to elevate their game.

9. CPKC Women’s Open

Fun and creative women’s golf theme ideas:

  • Great Canadian Outdoors
  • Festival of Seasons
  • Canadian Classic

Another prestigious theme is the CPKC Women’s Open. Create an atmosphere that mirrors this major tournament with professional-style setups and official-looking scorecards.

This theme can be tied to charity, supporting local causes or women’s sports initiatives. Offer high-quality tee gifts and bulk pricing on branded merchandise. Highlighting this theme can attract serious golfers and those inspired by the achievements of professional women golfers.

10. Second Chance Invitational

Fun second chance golf event names:

  • Redemption Round Golf Classic
  • Double down on the greens
  • Mulligan Madness

Give participants a second shot at glory with a “Second Chance” themed event. This can involve fun twists like mulligans or extra chances on certain holes. It’s a lighthearted way to encourage everyone to improve their game and enjoy the day. This theme works well for ladies’ leagues looking for a fun and relaxed outing, and can include unique tee prizes like “Second Chance” tokens or golf ball sets.

Wizard Of Oz Golf Tournament

11. Wizard Of Oz– “There is no place like… Golf Course”

Ladies Wizard Of Oz golf event theme names:

  • Emerald Fairway Frenzy
  • Enchanted Road to the Greens
  • Follow The Yellow Brick Fairway

Themed Decorations and Course Setup

Yellow Brick Road

  • Entrance: Create a Yellow Brick Road leading to the registration area or clubhouse using yellow carpet or painted stones.
  • Pathways: Use the Yellow Brick Road motif throughout the course to guide players from hole to hole. Fun idea for a golf event themed decorations.

Themed Holes

  • Munchkinland Hole: Decorate with colorful flowers and miniature houses.
  • Emerald City Hole: Use green decorations, sparkling lights, and a replica Emerald City backdrop.
  • Haunted Forest Hole: Add spooky trees, crows, and signs warning of the Wicked Witch.
Twisted sisters golf gals

Costumes and Characters

  • Players: Encourage players to dress as their favorite Wizard of Oz characters—Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Tin Man, the Cowardly Lion, Glinda the Good Witch, or the Wicked Witch.
  • Best Costume Contest: Award prizes for the best individual and team costumes.

Golf Event Theme Ideas- Accessories

  • Hat Clips and Golf Ball Markers: Provide themed accessories like ruby slipper hat clips and character-themed golf ball markers as tee prizes.

Special Challenges and Activities

Here are some fun women’s golf theme game challenges:

Tornado Challenge

  • Wind Machine: Set up a fan to create a wind challenge on one of the holes, simulating the tornado that transports Dorothy to Oz.

Flying Monkey Caddy

  • Caddy Race: Host a fun caddy race where caddies or volunteers dressed as flying monkeys race to assist players with their clubs.

Other Golf Event Theme Ideas: 

TikTok Trendsetter

Capitalize on the latest social media craze with a TikTok-themed golf event. Encourage participants to create and share their golf moments on TikTok using a unique event hashtag. This theme is great for engaging younger golfers and adding a modern twist to traditional tournaments.

Offer tee prizes like phone stands or selfie sticks and set up creative challenges inspired by popular TikTok trends. An event photographer can capture behind-the-scenes content to share on social media, boosting your event’s visibility.


With these creative themes, your next women’s golf event is sure to be a hit. Whether you choose a glamorous Hollywood night, a meaningful breast cancer awareness day, or a fun Mardi Gras party, the key is to create an enjoyable and memorable experience for all participants. So gather your team members, decorate your golf clubs, and get ready to tee off in style!

Most Frequently Asked Questions About Planning A Women’s Golf Tournament

1. How do we choose the right theme for the ladies golf tournament?


  • Understand the Audience: Gather information about the participants’ interests, preferences, and demographics.
  • Brainstorm Ideas: Create a list of potential themes that are appealing and relevant.
  • Get Feedback: Conduct surveys or informal discussions with potential participants to narrow down the choices.
  • Consider the Setting: Ensure the theme fits the location and season of the tournament.
  • Align with Goals: Make sure the theme supports the overall goals of the event, whether they are fun, fundraising, or competitive.

3. How do we budget for a themed tournament?


  • List Expenses: Include decorations, food, beverages, prizes, entertainment, and marketing.
  • Set Priorities: Determine which aspects of the theme are most important and allocate funds accordingly.
  • Seek Sponsorships: Approach local businesses for sponsorship to offset costs.
  • DIY Options: Look for do-it-yourself decoration and entertainment options to save money.
  • Track Spending: Use a detailed budget spreadsheet to monitor expenses and stay within budget.

4. What kind of decorations should we use?


  • Match the Golf Event Theme: Choose decorations that reflect the chosen theme (e.g., tropical plants for a tropical theme, vintage golf equipment for a vintage theme).
  • Quality and Quantity: Ensure decorations are of good quality and appropriately cover the event space.
  • Entrance and Focal Points: Create impressive entrances and focal points that highlight the theme.
  • Table Settings: Use themed centerpieces, tablecloths, and place settings.
  • Consistent Color Scheme: Stick to a color scheme that complements the theme.

5. What activities and entertainment can we include?


  • Themed Contests: Best-dressed contest, longest drive, closest to the pin.
  • Interactive Games: Mini-golf challenges, putting competitions.
  • Live Entertainment: Bands, DJs, or performers that match the theme.
  • Workshops and Clinics: Golf clinics, wellness sessions.
  • Photo Opportunities: Themed photo booths with props.

6. How do we coordinate food and beverages with the golf event theme?


  • Catered Menu: Work with caterers to design a menu that reflects the theme (e.g., tropical fruits and seafood for a Tropical Paradise theme).
  • Signature Drinks: Create themed cocktails or mocktails.
  • Food Stations: Set up stations with themed foods (e.g., a wine and cheese station for a Wine and Dine theme).
  • Decorated Serving Areas: Ensure food and beverage areas are decorated to match the theme.

7. How do we promote the ladies golf themed tournament?


  • Create Eye-Catching Materials: Use vibrant, theme-based graphics for flyers, posters, and social media posts.
  • Leverage Social Media: Promote the event on social media platforms with regular updates and themed posts.
  • Email Campaigns: Send out emails to potential participants with details about the theme and what to expect.
  • Early Bird Discounts: Offer early bird discounts to encourage early registration.
  • Collaborate with Influencers: Partner with local influencers or golf enthusiasts to spread the word.

8. What prizes and goody bags should we offer?


  • Themed Prizes: Choose prizes that align with the theme, such as tropical-themed golf accessories for a Tropical Paradise theme.
  • Golf Equipment: Branded golf balls, tees, visors, or caps.
  • Experience-Based Prizes: Golf lessons, spa vouchers, or wine tasting experiences.
  • Goody Bags: Include items like sunscreen, water bottles, snacks, and small theme-related souvenirs.

9. How do we ensure the event is logistically sound and accessible?


  • Venue Setup: Ensure the venue is properly set up to accommodate the theme and the number of participants.
  • Transportation: Provide clear information on transportation options and parking.
  • Accessibility: Make sure the event is accessible to all participants, including those with disabilities.
  • Clear Signage: Use themed signage to guide participants throughout the event.
  • Backup Plans: Have contingency plans for weather or other unforeseen issues.

10. How do we evaluate and improve for future events?


  • Gather Feedback: Collect feedback from participants through surveys or informal discussions.
  • Review Performance: Analyze what worked well and what could be improved.
  • Document Learnings: Keep detailed notes on the planning process and outcomes.
  • Plan Ahead: Use the feedback and learnings to improve future tournaments and them

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