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New PhotoAgeClock measure true biological skin age

Have you ever looked in the mirror and wondered how your skin is holding up over time? Curious if your skincare routine is really doing the trick to maintain your youthful appearance?

Well, I am excited to share the cutting edge PhotoageClock with you and the benefits of having your skin evaluated. I just had my own face evaluation by haut.AI the first AI platform that measures your true skin age.

Meet Haut. AI- The Photoage Clock 

The Photo Age Clock by haut.AI. It is a new AI technology developed by a woman in Estonia at Haut.AI. Yes! Girl power!

Haut.AI is a leading European AI company that specializes in delivering hyper-personalized skin care and beauty experiences. The company is supported by an exceptional team of researchers, scientists, and tech experts.

The SaaS platform has been meticulously trained on 3 million data points and can evaluate over 150 unique multidimensional face biomarkers. It efficiently evaluates the face, identifying more than 15 essential skin health and beauty metrics. This makes it another form of aepigenetic aging clock.

The Magic Lies In A Simple Photo

With one photo, the innovative technology allows for personalized recommendations for cosmetic products tailored to your unique needs. It also gives you an authentic assessment of your skin.

With HautAI, you can monitor changes in your skin on a weekly basis, empowering you to stay on top of your skincare journey. This seamless integration of smart systems is driving growth in the beauty industry and revolutionizing the way we approach beauty and skincare.  

The ease of use is remarkable. By simply taking a quick selfie, users can receive interactive and customized aesthetic recommendations.

Why AI For Skin Diagnostics Is Important

The SkinGPT AI platform has been used on millions of faces and skin images. The advanced AI technology quickly and efficiently evaluates the face. It identifys more than 15 essential skin health and beauty metrics. It will predict your biological age and more importantly it lets you know what areas of your skin need attention.

Utilizing AI for skin diagnostics holds paramount importance for the beauty industry. It is time that we know more about the effectiveness of cosmetic products. The bar is about to be raised with this technology in place.

Today’s consumers are seeking more than mere promises. They demand tangible, objective results and are inclined to choose only those products with a proven track record.

Furthermore, the need for personalized solutions is more pressing than ever. In this age of rampant online shopping, waiting is a luxury we can’t afford. Hence, the ability to capture an image in seconds and receive a diagnostic within a minute. Consumers are presented with tailored product recommendations is the direction we need to pursue.

haut.ai image of before and after skin evaluation

The first step to analyze your skin and look for signs of aging to help determine the best treatment for your exact skin profile. The computer vision technology is a key bio-marker for our skin’s age.

The Benefits Of A PhotoAge Clock Assessment

Here are the following reasons to consider a PhotoAge Clock personal skin test.

a. Firstly, a PhotoAge Clock can help you identify early signs of aging, such as wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots. Detecting these changes allows for proactive measures to slow down or reverse the aging process.

b. Personalized Skin Care: By analyzing your skin’s condition, a PhotoAge Clock can provide personalized recommendations for skincare products and routines tailored to your specific needs. This can help you achieve and maintain healthier and more youthful-looking skin.

c. Track Skin Health Progress: Regular assessments with a PhotoAge Clock enable you to track the effectiveness of your skincare regimen or any other interventions over time. This feedback can guide adjustments to your routine as needed.

d. Be Motivation for Healthy Lifestyle Choices: When you know your skin’s age relative to your chronological age it will motivate you to make healthier lifestyle choices. These choices may include protecting your skin from UV radiation, staying hydrated, and maintaining a balanced diet. These habits contribute to better skin health.

e. Boosted Confidence: Achieving a more youthful appearance through the guidance of a PhotoAge Clock can enhance your self-confidence and overall well-being. Feeling good about your skin can positively impact your mental and emotional state.

f. Preventative Health Measures: Skin health is closely connected to overall health. Regular skin assessments can potentially uncover early signs of skin damage.

HautAI Skin SaaS is an incredibly powerful tool designed to provide users with valuable insights into their skin and hair condition using a wide range of parameters. These parameters include redness, wrinkles, pores, perceived age, glow, and ten other essential skin metrics.

With state-of-the-art technology, the platform can project the potential effects of skincare products on your skin, drawing from data obtained through effectiveness trials.

Photoageclock example  of results

My Personal Photo Age Clock Haut.AI Report

I’ve just had the pleasure of assessing my own skin by using the innovative Haut.AI (by Dr. Baxter). The high tech tool is also known as SkinGPT.

I must say, the experience was quite fascinating! According to the results, my eyes convey a youthful 34 years, but it appears I have some significant skin concerns that require some attention as I expected.

It is now possible to reverse aging in humans. Not just to look younger or feel younger, but to turn back the biological age clock. After decades of unfulfilled promises, controversies, and sometimes fraud, anti-aging is becoming a legitimate specialty. 

Longevity Specialist Dr. Richard Baxter

In this article, we will focus on the opportunity to measure your biological age of your skin. This is possible by first determining the health and age of your skin via a game changing Photoage clock.

If we know the actual health of our skin, it helps us become more aware on how to take care of our skin.

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Real-Time Diagnostics

In today’s fast-paced world of online shopping, instant delivery of personalized solutions is key. Customers demand instant gratification. With that said, real-time diagnostics is predicted to be one of the biggest beauty trends.

By leveraging AI for skin diagnostics, brands can capture images within seconds and deliver diagnostics in under a minute, accompanied by tailored product recommendations.

This real-time approach is the future in the beauty industry. Customers will soon know for sure if a product actually works for them or not.

One thing I’ve learned about anti-aging in my research is that we all age differently, and all parts of the body often age at different rates. This is especially true for skin; for example, you may be a fitness fanatic, but if you spent much of your time outdoors, then your skin’s fitness reflects the cumulative effects of sun damage. If your goal is to look as young as you feel, then your skin needs to get in sync with the rest of your body!

Dr. Richard Baxter – Longevity Specialist

What Do You Do With The Results From The PhotoAge Clock?

Once you receive your results from a professional like Dr. Baxter, they can use this information to craft a personalized treatment plan specifically tailored to your skin’s needs. In my own experience, the images of my face offered insights into areas where my skin was doing well and areas that required special attention.

In addition, the high-resolution anonymized images of eye corners provided a detailed look at issues such as deep wrinkles and other characteristics that require targeted solutions.

My personal Results

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With Haut.AI, there’s no more guesswork or wastage of products, as the platform provides tailored solutions for each individual’s specific skin needs. They’re cutting-edge technology ensures that users know exactly what their skin requires for optimal care and beauty.

The Haut.AI platform has gained recognition among the world’s leading beauty and skin care brands, including Ulta and Beiersdorf, cementing its position as a trusted and reliable resource in the industry. This is a top skincare and beauty trend in town.

As a proudly women-led company, Haut.AI is committed to empowering individuals and helping them achieve their skin and beauty goals through the power of technology-driven skincare solutions.

Unveiling the Future of Skincare- Visual Bio-Markets

The Photoage Clock utilizes the power of AI technology and epigenetic clocks to predict the age of your skin accurately. Gone are the days of relying solely on mirrors and guesswork to gauge the effects of aging.

Photoageclock skin report overview
Photo from haut.

This advanced system taps into the science of epigenetics, focusing on age predictors, gene expression, DNA methylation, and cell types to determine your skin’s biological age with unparalleled precision.

These new discoveries clearly show that the AI-powered aging clock revolution is in full swing. It won’t be long before we can accurately gauge the aging process at all levels.

Furthermore, this research has the potential to make a significant impact when it’s applied to various biological data. This includes different types of imaging data, transcriptomics, proteomics, readings from the extracellular matrix, and data from smart sensors embedded in clothing and wearable devices.

A Time-Lapse of Beauty

Imagine capturing a time-lapse of your skin’s journey through life, where every detail and change is meticulously recorded. The Photoage Clock takes your skin’s data to a whole new level, utilizing diverse data types to build a comprehensive profile of your skin’s health.

Generative AI is omnipresent, and beauty shouldn’t lag. I am proud that Haut.AI is the first to introduce generative skincare AI. Our technology educates consumers and allows them to get transparency on the effects promised by beauty brands. SkinGPT is just beginning, further facilitating R&D through synthetic images and unlocking new heights in the beauty industry.

Anastasia Georgievskaya, the Co-Founder and CEO of Haut.AI.

By analyzing this data and comparing it with high-quality epigenetic markers, it can generate an estimation of your biological age, giving you valuable insights into your skin’s aging process.

Haut.AI Becomes the First Company to Incorporate Generative AI for Skin Simulations

Embrace the Future of Skincare

The Photoage Clock is set to revolutionize how we approach skincare and anti-aging practices. By harnessing the potential of AI and epigenetic science, it offers a glimpse into the future of personalized skincare routines tailored to your skin’s unique needs. Say goodbye to guesswork and embrace the precise insights provided by the Photoage Clock for a radiant and youthful complexion.

What does the Photoage Clock say about your skin? 

“I first became interested in the Photoage Clock when the founder of the company, a brilliant AI scientist named Anastasia Georgievskaya, gave a presentation at an international conference on anti-aging research a few years ago.

The idea was to use AI to do a deep analysis of 9 or more manifestations of aging in skin, such as hydration, uniformness, pores, and redness, all based only on a photo. Companies and now consumers can use the program to determine the effectiveness of anti-aging treatments objectively.”

Dr. Baxter- Longevity Specialist

With SkinGPT, you can bridge the gap between your expectations and the actual effects of cosmetics by visualizing the long-term benefits of different skincare products. This tool is primarily designed for beauty brands and retailers to incorporate into their e-commerce platforms.

It empowers them to educate consumers about the potential changes their skin might experience with the use (or non-use) of certain products.

methylation data  from Haut.ai skin GPT

No More False Claims By Cosmetic Companies

What about all Instagram ads for skincare devices and creams that make false promises about how their product will transform your skin? Hey, I don’t know about you, but I find it frustrating and annoying that you can’t many skincare claims these days. This is where Haut.AI comes into play.  

The hope is that cosmetics brands to adopt AI skin diagnostics. is paramount. The expectations of consumers have evolved, and they now demand tangible proof of product effectiveness. Gone are the days of accepting empty claims; customers want measurable results backed by evidence.

We Can’t Change Our DNA But We Can Change Our Skin

Here is the thing. We are born with DNA that we can’t change. As we all know, we are born with the same genetic profile that we will keep our entire life, regardless of any lifestyle or environmental conditions we encounter.

The good news is that we now know that we can change our lifestyle, take supplements, do skincare treatments and use specialized skincare products to reverse aging. 

You see, our epigenetics can be thought of as molecules that can turn up or down parts of your genes in our DNA. These molecules are sensitive to lifestyle factors like what you eat, how active you are, stress levels, and exposure to things in the environment.

By making changes to your epigenetics, you can directly influence how your DNA behaves and works. It’s like hacking into your DNA expression to make positive changes for your health and well-being.

What is the accuracy of the Haut. AI SaaS System?

You won’t believe the accuracy of the Haut.AI Skin SaaS system! It’s incredible how it has been trained on millions of meticulously labeled skin images, sourced from top-notch equipment and selfies taken across the globe.

There are thousands of products out there claiming to help. How do we know which ones are truly working to reverse aging? It’s now as easy as taking a selfie. There is some very sophisticated artificial intelligence computing involved, and the technology is revolutionary.

Dr. Baxter -Longevity Specialist

 I am happy to make this unique opportunity available to my patients. Here’s how it works: 

How To Get Your Skin Evaluated By A Photo Age Clock

Dr. Baxter’s office can do this for you.

1. Take a selfie! (without makeup) use a white background if possible. Black backgrounds work as well. 

2. Email the photo to drbaxter@drbaxter.com (the images will be kept confidential unless we have your specific permission to share)

3. A 7-page report on your skin age will be generated.

4. Dr. Baxter can track your improvements with treatments such as Emepelle® for estrogen-deficient skin etc.

Most Frequently Asked Questions About Photo Age Clocks

Q. What is an Epigenetic Aging Clock?

Epigenetic aging clocks are intended to determine your biological age.  And this is important: your biological age is strongly correlated to your risk of dying (mortality risk) and your risk of getting aging-related diseases. This type of test is done via blood samples.

Dr. Steve Horvath is a prominent figure in the fields of human genetics and biostatistics. He is a respected professor at UCLA’s Fielding School of Public Health, known for his groundbreaking research on aging and epigenetics.

Dr. Horvath made a significant discovery related to aging by analyzing vast sets of DNA methylation profiles. He developed a revolutionary algorithm that accurately predicts a person’s chronological age. Not just in specific cells or tissues, but across multiple cells, tissues, and even different mammalian species.

This algorithm, often referred to as an “epigenetic clock,” measures changes in DNA methylation patterns associated with aging, providing a reliable estimation of a person’s age.

Q.  What is Epigenetic Age?

Epigenetic age is a way to measure how our body is aging on a cellular level. It looks at certain changes in our DNA caused by factors like our lifestyle and the environment. Scientists use this information to better understand how our bodies age and how we can stay healthy as we get older.

Q. What Studies Has PhtoAgeClock Done?

During testing, the PhotoAgeClock was able to predict a person’s age within 2.3 years. To train the system, the PhotoAgeClock.

 PhotoAgeClock uses AI to predict a person’s age based just on a photo of their eyes with high-resolution images of eye corners. 

During the study, the team found, with help from the PhotoAgeClock, that the most accurate, non-invasive biomarker of age is the section of skin at the corner of the eyes. Often this area develops crow’s feet, a common indicator of age.

During testing, the PhotoAgeClock was able to predict a person’s age within 2.3 years. To train the system, the PhotoAgeClock analyzed 8,414 photos of left and right eye corners, proving that it is possible to accurately predict age based on just one small eye area. They analyzed 8,414 photos of left and right eye corners, proving that it is possible to accurately predict age based on just one small eye area.

The development of the new technology could help create personalized medical interventions and skincare to fight aging. It could also be used to evaluate how lifestyle, medical and cosmetic treatments influence aging over time.

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