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Embrace Change
In the New Year!


If you are afraid of change, you are not alone. It’s not easy to embrace change. Some people thrive on change. They look at change as a way to open their territory and meet new challenges in life. Other people, fear change because the fear of the unknown is intimidating. 

Whether we like it or not change in inevitable in our personal or professional life. So how do you embrace change in your life? We have some suggestions on how to let go of fear, listen to your gut and make positive lifestyle changes. 

As we welcome the new year, there is a bit of angst in the air. Why? We don’t know what the new year will bring. It’s a bit scary sometimes. But here is the thing. What if instead of worrying about what the future holds, we embrace it? We welcome change with an open door. We envision positive shifts in our life. We put ourselves out there, to embrace change in our life. 


There are two kinds of change in your life. The first is the unexpected kind of change that is often forced upon you by unforeseen events and circumstances. This type of change can really suck. 

The second is planned change that you have had time to think about and prepare for. Let’s focus on this type of change. 

How to embrace change in the New Year

When I look back on my life, every time I took a chance at something new, I never ever regretted it. I have always been open minded and up for new challenges while being grateful for what I have What about you? Do you like learning new things? 


Making life decisions may seem risky but it you don’t try; you never know what can be on the other side. Hey, life is short, opt for adventure. When you look back in your life, I bet you will be happy you took that job opportunity, moved to the new city, tried a unique hobby, started the new workout regime. 


I want to encourage you to open up a new door in the new year. Turn the knob, pull the door open and consider walking through a new doorway. Skip down a new path with optimism and, give yourself some room to grow. You may discover a talent you never knew you had. You may meet new friends, make more money, find a job you adore, become healthier, meet your soul mate who knows! It’s all up to you… if you are open to changing things up. Embrace the opportunity for change and adventure.

“The only way that we can live, is if we grow. The only way that we can grow is if we change. The only way that we can change is if we learn. The only way we can learn is if we are exposed. And the only way that we can become exposed is if we throw ourselves out into the open. Do it. Throw yourself.”

Determine What's Important To YOU! Trust Your Gut

Associate Professor Anthony Grant, from the University of Sydney’s Coaching Psychology Unit, says that you should start by defining your core values and identify what is important to you. “You need to be able to identify what it is about your goal that adds to you as a person, that makes you feel better and more expansive,” Grant says. If your goal aligns with your core values, then “the thought of it will trigger a positive gut feeling.” Learn to trust your gut.

If your goal aligns with your core values, then “the thought of it will trigger a positive gut feeling.” Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Envision the best thing that could happen if you made this change. What will my life look like?  Will this change give you more time with your family, will I become more active? Will it get you closer to a life goal you have had?
  2. If I don’t make this change, what will happen? Will I regret it? What are the consequences of the decision? 
  3. Are you considering this change based on other people’s opinions or because I think I should?
  4. Does this idea of change keep entering your mind? If so, why do I keep thinking about making this change? Why haven’t I done this before? Is this the right time? 
Do you feel you have people, emotions and fears holding you back? If so, read the 20 things that may be holding you back. 

Ask yourself ..What you are afraid of?

We want to change but the biggest thing that holds us back is… fear. Are you practicing the deadly sins of change?

Most likely the reason you procrastinate about making a decision to change is that you’re afraid to change.  Deep down, you’re scared to take the plunge, even if it leads to a better life. Ask yourself what are you afraid of? Be honest with yourself. As soon as you can acknowledge your fear (s) of change, you can conquer them.  Let go of your fears and emotions and people holding you back.

The Five Most Common Fears Of Change Are:

1. Fear of something new– it’s uncomfortable sometimes, get over it!

2. Fear of Failure-One of the biggest mistakes of modern education is that it teaches us mistakes are bad, and we should be scared of them. On the contrary, mistakes are the way we learn best. Push your ego to the side and don’t be scared to fall, because that only gives you an opportunity to get back up and make light of the fall.

3. Fear Of What People May Think- People are so afraid of what others think, that they’d rather not try.  This fear of criticism by others is a real fear, and must be overcome before you can change. Who really cares what people think guys! Some may be jealous and others will admire you for trying if they are good people.

4. Fear Of Success- This seems silly huh? An oxymoron. How could someone be afraid of success? People are! They may not want the attention etc. Being successful has baggage some people may be afraid of.

Whatever the fear…. identify it and then put it aside.What you will discover is that every time you try something new, it will feel like an accomplishment and soon enough… fear will not hold you back anymore.

The Only Thing Constant Is Change

So, you may not be thinking of making a change but the universe is moving in a way in which you must make a change whether you like it or not. If this is the case, just know that the only thing constant is change. We all know that our life can’t stay the same forever. All around us is an energy-a force that moves us to change. We are forever aging, growing and changing so we should embrace change instead of fight it. Why is that many of us are scared and turned off by the thought of change? If we could only learn to let change work for us as it benefits us, we all would be much happier and more satisfied in life. 


Remember the most successful people are those who are not afraid of change. They are brave and take risks, some things work out and others not but either way they learn and grow.  We are no different from children.  Children gain confidence when they try big scary things. They learn from failing. Eventually kids learn new skills when they initially fail. Adults are no different… the more we practice persistence and resilience, the stronger we become. With that said, take a chance and make a change in your life. 


My friend told me she lives by the motto, coasting in life is all downhill. In other words to achieve a goal in life, it takes effort and work. You don’t get far in life if you coast. Life is an adventure so it’s worth the trek uphill. 

How To Make Positive Lifestyle Changes

  1. Don’t over think things. Make a decision and move forward with a plan that will take you on the journey of change. Take baby steps toward your goal or change. Set realistic short-term and long-tern goals.                           
  2. Feel free to step back before you step forward. Picture yourself preparing to jump over a small river. The ground is not stable on either side of the water so you step back and strategize the best plan before you jump. You also want to have momentum so taking a step back will give you the speed you need to complete your jump. Also keep in mind that  sometimes when you want to move forward, you may need to take a step back in pay if you changing careers, Just expect that many times taking a step back is the process of moving forward. Achieving success in life is not linear.
  1. Change one behavior at a time-  Don’t try to change too many things at once.                                 
  2. Find your Cheerleaders- Find those people who will cheer you on with this big change in your life. Who will support you and keep you accountable? Want to get fit and lose weight? Find at least one person who you can check in on so you will be more motivated and accountable. According to the Mayo Clinic, a “strong social support network can be critical to help you through the stress of tough times, whether you’ve had a bad day at work or a year filled with loss or chronic illness.”                      
  3. Ask for support- If you feel overwhelmed with making a change. Get support from those who will listen and support you. If you have to get a counselor, do it
  4. Have Faith- Faith is essential in making change. If you do not believe in the possibility of a positive outcome, you never begin because doubt overwhelms you. For me, my faith in God is what keeps me moving through life. No matter what you believe, at least have faith in yourself. Believe in yourself. 
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  1. Chris Bear says:

    These are such wise words–thank you Lisa for being one of my biggest cheerleaders!

  2. jamee nunnelee Dunn says:

    love it!! change is good!

  3. April Avey Trabucco says:

    Love this. Thank you. I just started reading Harvard Business Review’s 10 Must Reads on Mental Toughness and the articles echo some of these ideas. Happy New Year!

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