Duvet Covers- What To Look For And Why The Euro Styled Bed Is So Popular

Duvet covers are extremely popular choice for beds of all sizes. The Europeans have been fans of the duvet cover for good reason.  There are so many choices out there in the market so how do you know how to buy the best duvet covers? What is the best option for you?

What is a Duvet Cover?

A duvet cover is a protective machine washable cover for your duvet, most likely for a down duvet insert. Think of your duvet cover in the same way you would think about a pillow case. It protects the interior of the insulation and fabric, while still providing a decorative touch that’s both stylish and functional.

Most duvet covers either have buttons or zippers where the duvet is in inserted. I prefer a hidden zipper as opposed to large buttons. 

How To Buy A Duvet Cover?

A duvet floats over your body. Choosing high-quality duvet covers provide a decorative function and an easy and cozy way to sleep. 


We have provided the top five things you should consider when buying a duvet cover. 

Getting a good night sleep is a huge priority for most people. With that in mind, if you are anything like my boys, sleeping without a top sheet and a high quality bamboo duvet is the ticket. 

BedVoyage Bamboo Reversible Duvet Cover

Duvet Cover Sets and bedding sets and options
My Son’s Bed With The BedVoyage Reversible Bamboo Duvet

5 Things to Consider When Searching For A Duvet Cover

1.Fabric Choice

Choosing the right material such as bamboo for your duvet cover ensures you won’t get too warm or cold during the night, and it also contributes to the look and feel of the bed.  Also consider a fabric that is easy to clean since you will be washing the duvet more often. Also consider a fabric that is not made without chemicals. 

If you tend to get chilly at night, choose a material that will keep you warm. Flannel is a favorite for the winter months, and it feels cozy against the skin. Bamboo is excellent for cool and warm temperatures, so it is a safe bet.

Consider the texture of the fabric. A Euro- duvet cover will be next to your skin so  choose a fabric that is extremely soft. I love the Bed Voyage duvet because not only is the fabric anti-bacterial, it feels like cashmere and silk combined. 

Natural Fabric Vs Synthetic Material

Natural fibers are not only have  a breathable weave, they don’t contain chemicals like many synthetic alternatives. 

If the fabric is next to your face that it does not have an odor or can develop an odor. Odors are not as easily absorbed by rayon from Bamboo, which means that your linens will stay fresh longer.  Even a load of bamboo linens left in the washer all day will not create that sour smell that makes you feel you have to run the wash again.  

2.  Reversible

If you would like the opportunity to flip the duvet cover for a different look, consider a duvet cover that is reversible so you can play with various colors and looks.

3.  Type of Enclosure

Make sure the hidden zipper is high quality. Button enclosures are not as neat and clean as a zipper and I have found buttons pop off over time.  Corner ties on the inside of the duvet are wonderful to hold the duvet inset in place. Not all duvet covers come with this option. 

4.  Size and Style

Look for a duvet cover that is about 2″ larger than your comforter. For example, if your comforter inset measures 88″ x 88″, look for a duvet cover that measures 90″ x 90″. I have used a queen duvet on a full bed and it works great. For twin beds and king sizes that’s a different story. 

In terms of color, there are so many different colors to consider. I am a fan of a clean white bed linens… always a great option.  You can bleach them if needed and its always easy to add texture with blankets, pillows and pops of color. 

5.  Machine Washable

Look for a duvet cover that can hold up to regular washings.  If you are using a duvet cover without a top sheet you will want to be able to wash it more often. You don’t want this to be a ton of work . Again, the fabric is so important. Pick a fabric like bamboo that gets  better with time. 

Bamboo Sheets And Duvet Covers

We recently discovered that Bed Voyage makes a European bamboo duvet set. We already have the luxury BedVoyage bamboo sheets. If you have never slept in bamboo sheets, you are missing out. Seriously! Steve and I are big fans of how bamboo sheets feel. 

Think cashmere with incredible draping. It’s hard to describe how the sheets can feel substantial and soft and lite simultaneously. We don’t use cotton sheets anymore. We are 100% sold on the high-quality bamboo sheets from BedVoyage.

Please keep in mind that not all bamboo sheets are created equal. The sheets from BedVoyage are softer than the best cotton sheets or linen, naturally hypoallergenic, moisture absorbing, and anti-bacterial! Yes, anti-bacterial. I love the fact that my pillowcases are clean next to my face. 

The bamboo duvet set is a game-changer. Since your skin is next to the bamboo fabric, it’s a game-changer

Top Sheet Debate

In my house, there has always been the question… “Mom, why do I need a top sheet? When we have traveled to Latvia, where my mother is from, all of the bedding is simplified. A fitted sheet and a duvet cover. No throw pillows or any fluff. My boys like this type of simplified sleeping and bed making. It sure makes life easier, that is for sure. This is why the Euro styled bed is so popular. 

Many people find that a top sheet ruins the lightness of the duvet if you tuck it in, or it drapes messily over the bed if you don’t. The free feeling of using just duvet (with no top sheet) is more comfortable because you are not messing with pulling up the sheets so they don’t slide down to your feet. 

Either way, if you don’t use a top sheet, making your bed is easy peasy. If you sleep with blankets, then a top sheet is necessary. I tend to like the weight on me when I sleep. I rarely can get a good sleep with just a top sheet, even on hot nights.

I love a top-sheet visually but typically find them kicked to the bottom of my boy’s beds. I personally find that the top sheet often strangles my ankles.


How Do You Make A Euro- Style Bed?

Follow these steps to make your bed European-style:

1. Begin by placing your deep-pocketed fitted sheet onto your mattress, making sure any excess fabric is underneath the matress.

2. Spread your duvet cover—with insert—over the entire bed. The button closure or zipper is at the foot of the bed.

3. Gently fold the duvet cover backward towards the foot-end of the bed. You want to make sure the top of the fold lines up with the final layer of pillows. This means that the more layers of pillows you have, the more you should fold back your duvet cover.

4. Place your sleeping pillows adjacent to the headboard, and cover them with two to three euro shams. Keep in mind; two euro shams should be used for Full/Queen beds, while three are used for King/California King beds.

5. Prop two more shams in front of the euro shams. For Full/Queen beds, use the standard size, and for King/California King beds, use the king size.

6. For an extra touch of elegance, place a lumbar sham in front of the standard or king shams, in the center of the bed.

7. Finish by layering an oversized throw or blanket across the bed for additional style and layering effect. 

The top sheet is like a finishing touch on the bed—they look pretty, but ultimately for some people, not having a top sheet makes life easy in the morning when it comes to making your bed. For instance, my boys give the duvet cover a big throw as the duvet falls across the bed in a fluffy manner.

Of course, bed making is entirely personal—most people like laying their duvet completely flat instead of folding over the top part. Others prefer placing euro shams as the first line of pillows propped up against the headboard, followed by sleeping pillows, then a standard or king shams, and then lastly the lumbar pillow. At the end of the day, it’s entirely up to you!

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