21 Easy Ways To Organize and Beautify A Spa-like Bathroom

Steps To Declutter & Organize A Bathroom

An organized bathroom is a zen bathroom. It feels clean, clutter-free, and relaxing. Everything a bathroom should be, no matter if it’s a master bathroom, guest. or powder room.  There are twenty one (21) ways to organize and beautify a spa-like bathroom. 

A well-organized clean bathroom goes beyond aesthetics. A bathroom should be calm and relaxing. You should know where everything you need is stored, so how do you create a soothing atmosphere that is also functional? We share four essential steps to declutter and organize a bathroom before you make it beautiful and zen. 

The first four steps to clean and organize your bathroom before you can focus on making your space feel beautiful and serene are listed below. This goes for any type of bathroom from a guest bath to a master bath. 

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Step #1 Remove All Items And Categorize

Start decluttering your bathroom by going through every drawer and taking everything out, including hairdryers, makeup, first aid supplies, soaps, etc. Go through each item one by one and toss any products that are expired. If you have too many curling irons, straighteners, or soap dishes, donate them.

After you have gone through all items, start to put them in subcategories based on type. 

a.  Skincare

b.  Make-up

c. Cleaning products

e. Haircare

d. Medications

e. Towels and linens

f. Toilet paper etc.

Step #2 Deep Clean

Now that you have all items out of your drawers, it’s time to clean your countertops and drawers. You will start to feel a sense of accomplishment after this is done. We all want to take time to do this, but when you do, it feels so good!

Step #3 Take Inventory Of Storage products

If you would like your makeup to be better organized, make a note of it. If you have lots of hair ties, you may want to consider having a small bin to put your hair ties and clips in. You may benefit from plastic storage bins that fit in drawers.

Purchase needed organization bins, baskets etc. 

Step #4 Start To Organize

Below you will see suggestions on how to organize your countertops, drawers, cabinets, vanity, tub and shower. 

Simple Ways To Beautify Your
Spa-Like Bathroom

After you have deep cleaned and organized your bathroom, it’s time to beautify your bathroom spaces one area at a time. We have included some suggestions and links to products that will add elegance and function to your space. 

1.   The Vanity Tray

My vanity is connected to my countertop, and it is where I keep my favorite products that I use often, all organized on a beautiful tray. If you have a vanity, you may want to consider organizing your vanity as often you use them. 

It also creates a more finished and purposeful look for your bathroom. You can find all kinds of trays from simple wooden ones to gorgeous mirrored trays.  With the tray, you can make sure you know where things are, make sure they stay there and look good.

The tray below is an example of a way to keep clutter at bay. It can be stored on the vanity top, containing clutter and making cleaning so much easier. It also makes it easy to to put things away in the same place every time. 

Close Up Of Luxury Toiletries On Tray In Beautiful Bathroom

For instance, the top drawer in my vanity is my makeup and skincare products I use. I also have a container with makeup brushes for easy access. 

2.  Use Apothecary Jars For Your Essentials

Use apothecary jars for your essentials. They’re a chic way to store things that don’t look good out in the open. I like to use glass apothecary jars to hold bars of soaps, bath bombs. They’re accessible, and can quickly get what you need early in the morning or after a long day at work.

3.  Cabinet Storage

Cabinets under the sink are suitable for storing bathroom cleaning products in a caddy that you can easily take out and use. It’s also the ideal place for hair styling products or other tall bottles. 

If you don’t have a medicine cabinet, consider organizing your medications in plastic bins or baskets. It makes it easy to access when needed. 

Amp up your storage space by placing woven baskets, rubber bins or clear plastic bins in your cabinet space to keep things in one place.  

If your bathroom has a medicine cabinet, it makes sense to put the items you use most frequently and need easily accessible, such as toothpaste or contact solution. A spinning turntable is a fun way to bring order to your non-uniform collection of jars and bottles.

4.  Drawer Storage

The more drawers you have in your bathroom the better in my opinion! Drawer organizers are your friend when it comes to keeping things neat and tidy. 

Organize the items in the drawers based on how often you use the products or tools, such as: use every evening, use weekly, use occasionally, etc.  Then place the items in bins or storage boxes that fit in the drawers. 

5.  Shower Organization

We all want to enjoy a nice hot relaxing shower and,  you don’t want to be trip over shampoo and body wash bottles. I hate fumbling around in the shower with too many bottles so finding a storage solution is vital.

If you don’t have storage nooks in your shower then the next bet option is to install a simple shower caddy or a corner shelf.

Corner shelves are the best way to store items in shower, just be sure to wipe them down regularly so mildew doesn’t form.

Another option is to consider is to install a soap and shampoo dispenser. We all love the ease of using a classy dispenser.  You can fill these with body wash and shampoo or stick to the traditional shampoo and conditioner option.

6.  Bathtub Organization

My Marble cut out shelf near my bath tub

When planning our master bath remodel, I had our contractor carve out a storage nook in the marble wall so I could keep my bath salts, special soaps etc. Another option that works well is to find a cute bathtub caddy and fill it with you bath goodies. 

If you have room for a very small table you can place next to the tub, it is nice to use it for folded towels or candles. 

I love a good bathtub tray as well!  If you don’t have a lot of storage space around your tub. Consider getting a lovely tub tray so you can keep your tub essentials nicely displayed. 

 6.  Bathroom Wall Storage

Adding beautiful shelves or rather than crowd your space, consider adding a narrow cabinet or ladder shelves.[show_boutique_widgetid=”1029232″]

Satisfied healthy European woman poses near wall in bathroom

7.  Bathroom Mirror Updates

Changing out your bathroom mirror is another way to spruce up your bathroom with function and beauty.

Artwork by Franchcesa Rosati

8.  Hang Beautiful Artwork

Adding artwork to a bathroom is always a fun way to take your bathroom to a new level.  I absolutely love these chalk drawings by Francessa Rosati, a talented new artist. 

Hampton Style Coastal Bathroom Gal Pal

In the boys bathroom, I added some colorful artwork and in our master bath, I hung a large canvas painting that I enjoy to look at every day. The far left artist is a good friend of ours, Kelly Johnston.

9.  Update Your Waste Basket

An elegant wastebasket and matching tissue box cover will tighten up your bathroom nicely. It is amazing what a waste basket can do to update a room! 

10.  Invest In Quality Towels

Hanging a few fancy and colorful hand towels can brighten things up immensely and also elevate a space that feels rundown or outdated. 

Don’t you just love new fluffy towels? I do.  New high quality towels that look and feel good, is always an ideal way to upgrade your bathroom. 

I like to dress-up my bathrooms with linen guest towels by Crown Linens like the embroidered ones below. 

11.  Use A Luxury Room Fragrance

A high-end room fragrance will instantly elevate the overall feel of a powder room. 

12.  Add New Bathroom Hardware

Hardware is a key component in bathroom style. Whether you choose something with modern lines or something more ornate, opt for something that matches the décor of your bathroom. In small spaces, it is often these details that carry the style out most effectively.

Sleek hooks are great towel hangers and give a much needed modern feel from the past’s tired towel rings.

Roll down shades in white bathroom

13.  Paint In A Spa Bathroom

For a cleaner look, you can’t beat monochrome. Keep the colors present on your bathroom to a minimum so the room has a clean monochromatic appeal…. It offers a sense of peace and calmness. It is timeless.

Try to get soap holders and other bathroom counter accessories that are the same colors. Any trays you use should have the same monochromatic color scheme. Here are some paint colors to consider (used in kitchens).

This coherent look will help you to keep clutter at bay. Clutter tends to stand out more in a monocratic color scheme.

Some great bathroom spa-like paint colors:

  • Behr Snow Fall W-F-600
  • Pink Bliss 2093-70 by Benjamin Moore
  • Pale Oak OC-20 by Benjamin Moore
  • Saffron Ivory 7003-21 by Valspar
  • Yarmouth Blue HC-150 by Benjamin Moore
  • Butter Cookie PPG1108-3 by Glidden
  • Silver Lake 1598 by Benjamin Moore
  • Glass Slipper 1632 by Benjamin Moore
Waterproof curtain in the bathroom covering the shower area. Bottom view.

14.  Get a New Shower Curtain

Your shower curtain can also make a big difference in your bathroom. The shower curtain takes up quite a lot of visual space and makes an impression. I love a handmade shower curtain that is monogramed. Here are some good examples:

15.  Use Pretty Soaps and Bath Salts

Instead of using a boring bar of soap, get some pretty soaps and rest them on some pretty sculptural soap dishes.

You could also get a unique and elegant bottle of soap that fits with your décor. There are even covers for ordinary hand soaps that you can easily change to match your décor or the season.

You don’t even have to use these decorative bars of soap, but you can just use them as decorative accents in a bowl or vase. These soaps are fun and practical ways to decorate your bathroom counter.

A CBD green oil, face roller, a brush for dry massage standing on a wooden tray in a bathroom
A CBD green oil, face roller, a brush for dry massage standing on a wooden tray in a bathroom

16.  Utilize A Perfume a Tray

If you’re a perfume addict, you probably have a lot of fantastic perfume bottles you’d like to show off. Using a classy perfume tray is not only beautiful but functional. 

I hope you found these ideas helpful! Please send me feedback or pictures of your bathroom update. Some of the the product links above are affiliate links of Gal Pal. These companies use Gal Pal as a lead source but don’t don’t pass any costs along to you. 

Top-Down, Bottom-Up Shades: Versatile Privacy
Photo from blinds to go

17.  Window Coverings

Installing window treatments in your bathroom like the ones I installed above can add texture and drama not to mention necessary privacy to your bathrooms. This is an simple way to update your bathroom quickly. 

Friends, I hope you are inspired to add a little sparkle and shine to your bathrooms.  Some of the links included in this article are afflilate links that utilize Gal Pal as way make shopping easier for Gal Pal readers. 

Take a tour of our home remodel project including our two bathrooms.

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