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It’s All About The Curves- 9 ways to throw some curves into your home design

by Lisa Marinkovich
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As much as I like clean lines, there is nothing more sexy than a gentle curve in a design. When you think about it, humans are attracted to curves. Our bodies were designed with curves. Curves make us feel comfortable and add a sense of security like a gentle hug. This feeling makes our home a peaceful place.. a mindful home.

Circles, bows and half moons bring grace and joyfulness to a home

For instance, soft shapes like arcs, bows, circles and half moons bring grace and joyfulness to your home. Many elements in nature have rounded edges so bring the outside inside by adding an organic feel. Curves create a feeling of comfort by mimicking the human body and nature’s organic forms, says New York designer Elaine Griffin, author of “Design Rules: The Insider’s Guide to Becoming Your Own Decorator” (Gotham, 2009).

According to fastcodesign.com, people are far more likely to call a room beautiful when it’s design is round instead of square. Apparently, it’s hard-wired into our brains! 

Naturally, the idea of repetitive curves became the inspiration as we planned our house renovation. I was continuously drawn to the type of timeless curves that add interest and can break up straight lines throughout a home. 

Consequently, as soon as I added several oval windows, I wanted to duplicate curves throughout the rest of the house. Curves can add rhythm and liveliness to space. Not only that, curves add a bit of a feminine touch, which was what I was craving for our new house. Perhaps that’s because I am the only female in our home?


When we were working with our architect designer, I told her I must have oval windows! From there, we added in slight curves throughout the design of the house. This included a slight bend in the door design, bookshelves, and other carpentry work thought-out the home. I was going for that Hampton feel. Think the movie “Something Gotta Give.”

In the process of the remodel, I made a call to adjust some elements of the house that included a very slight curve to the roof line above the garage, office, and entryway in the front of the house. For instance, a roof-line with a slight curve what you would see in the Hamptons. It’s timeless.

In order for the entry of the house to pop with a unique design, we adjusted the roof line on the original plan from a small speed bump curve to a much larger one as seen below. As soon as our builder created the overhang I knew we made the right decision.

With that said, I believe that curves add a three-dimensional effect.  The arched wood trim in the entryway, curved stone patio in the back of the house, curved sofa and a round chandelier add a welcoming feeling to the home. Adding curves in artwork is always a wonderful way to add curves to a home. 


The key is to balance the curves, so there is not too many of them. If there are too many, then the curves don’t make the statement you are looking for. The question remains: Can there be too many curves? Absolutely, experts say. Some designers like to layer patterns on top of one another. While others use curves sparingly for cross-pollination — placing curved pieces in different corners. There is no right or wrong way to add curves to your home.

Whether your home has a contemporary or traditional theme, curves always add interest and warmth.

Check out 9 ways to add curves to your home…

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