Creating a mindful home is more than just arranging furniture or choosing soothing colors; it’s about fostering an environment that nourishes your mind, body, and spirit. There are five (5) simple ways to create a mindful home that we will share in this post.

A mindful home is a sanctuary where you can unwind, recharge, and connect with yourself and your loved ones on a deeper level. In this blog post, we’ll explore practical tips and thoughtful practices that can help you transform your living space into a haven of mindfulness and tranquility.

Mindfully designed bedroom that is clutter free

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness. Everyone is talking about it, but what does it mean? It’s when the mind is fully attending to what’s happening, to what you’re doing, to the space you’re moving through.  Seems pretty simple but in reality, it’s not. Our mind often loses touch with our body.

Creating a mindful home involves intentionally designing your living space to reflect your authentic self. Your values, preferences, and personality. This practice contributes to a positive and nurturing environment that encourages self-expression, self-awareness, and well-being.

What is a mindful home?

A mindful home is a home that offers a calm vibe which enables us to live in the moment and practice daily mindfulness techniques. Being mindful is not just a practice, it brings awareness to everything we do. It’s a way of life.

Let’s be honest.. We can all use more mindfulness after everything we have been through with the pandemic! Seriously! A mindful home is now a big part of a home decorating trend.

Don’t you feel more peaceful sitting in a meditation room in a spa or sitting on your porch in the quiet afternoon? It’s easy to be in the moment and enjoy the atmosphere, don’t you think?  The overarching benefit of mindfulness is the ability to live in the present without worrying about the past or future, which can significantly alleviate symptoms of depression, anxiety, and similar issues with mental health.

It takes lots of intention in order to be mindful.

If you’re constantly on the go—getting everyone out the door in the morning, dropping the kids off at school, working, grocery shopping, cleaning, taking the dog for a walk, getting your workout in, and cooking dinner— it seems impossible to find time to practice mindfulness.

A Mindful Space Offers Tranquility

If you want to be less stressed and hurried, it makes sense to turn your home into a mindful space that offers you tranquility. Our home environment is something we can control. We all have such hectic lives and it is difficult to slow down to stop and reflect without fretting about the past or future. 

But what if your home felt like a welcoming sanctuary? A space where you could feel relaxed and at peace. A place where we are at peace and can focus on living in the moment. 

 Check out The Mindful Home: The Secrets to Making Your Home a Place of Harmony, Beauty, Wisdom and True Happiness by Craig Hasted. This book offers insight on principles for living a mindful lifestyle with mindful practices to the home environment.

We have rounded up a few simple and inexpensive ways to inspire you to take time to slow down and enjoy your surroundings in your mindful home.

If you find you like to meditate, check out the article about what type of meditation is best for you. 


  1. Make Your Bed And Clean Your Nightstand 

There’s a reason that men and women in the military make their beds every morning. Admiral William McRaven, author of “Make Your Bed: Little Things That Can Change Your Life… And Maybe The World,” explains how making your bed every morning can have a positive impact on your well-being and behavior throughout the rest of the day. Here are some tips to make an elegant bed.

If you make your bed every morning when you rise, it gives you a quick sense of accomplishment and it changes the look of the room from messy to clean in a few minutes. If your bed and bed-side table is clean, your mind will feel less cluttered.

Gretchen Rubin, author of the bestselling book “The Happiness Project”, explains that making the bed was “the number one most impactful change that people brought up over and over” as she researched her book on inspiring happiness.
Lite candles


5 SIMPLE WAYS TO CREATE A MINDFUL HOME. Mindful bedroom with a well-made bed

Warm candle light is hypnotic and can establish a state of trance – if you  have sat by a campfire then you know how mesmerizing a fire can be. Lighting candles has the same effect. Candle meditation has been popular ever since candles were invented.  Burn candles that smell lovely and make you happy. Play to the sense of smell and sight. 

There are seven ways to style an elegant bed with a coverlet is a simple way to keep your bedroom mindful.

Texture in home design

  1. Add Wood And plants

A simple way to create a mindful home is to add wood texture to your decor. Wood adds a nice texture and creates a relaxing vibe to your home. Bring the outdoors inside. When you think of it, wood has been the single most important material that offers comfort in our ancestors lives. Check out the best houseplants here.

Decorate with wood in your home and it will bring an earthy texture. The same goes for plants. Just like a refined outdoor evergreen landscape, plants and wood decor adds texture and warmth to a home. Think of creating an oasis in your home that is peaceful.

Natural materials are good for our overall health. Incorporate sustainable natural textures and materials into your home and garden.

Paint Colors that soft and beautiful

4. Paint Rooms With Inviting Tones

Paint rooms soft warm beige, blue, green and gray tones that give off a vibe of calmness. It’s a super simple way to create a mindful home. Blues are especially known to have a relaxing effect perfect for creating a serene feeling at home,” says Nicole Gibbons, interior designer and founder of Clare Paint.

“The perfect blend of the two–shades of aqua–offer the best of both, conjuring up tranquil ocean vibes that make any space feel instantly calm.”  Soft blue’s and greens remind us of the outdoors. Avoid reds and bright colors.

When you remove clutter from your home, you are able to declutter your mind. According to researchers at UCLA’s Center of Everyday Lives and Families (CELF), there’s a link between high cortisol (a stress hormone) in women who own homes with a “high density of household objects.”

Declutter room

  1. De-clutter

I don’t know about you but I don’t feel at ease when I am in a room with busy walls or too many items stacked around me. A new trend is Cluttercore design which is the opposite of a clean de-cluttered space. The less clutter, the more the mind will relax, at least for most people. Clean out your drawers, closet and garage and just like that... You will be feeling so much better!

Organize and digitize to get rid of all the paper in your home!

Remove some mirrors. In Feng Shui, mirrors are said to bounce off energy, which can cause you to feel unsettled. There have even been studies that show mirrors could trigger stress and anxiety. If you have mirrors in your bedroom and in your kitchen, consider eliminating them.

MOST Frequently Asked Questions About Creating A Mindful Home

Q: What exactly is a mindful home?

A: A mindful home is a living space designed to promote mindfulness, which is the practice of being fully present and aware in the moment. It’s a place where you can cultivate a sense of peace, calm, and intentionality in your daily life.

Q: How can I create a mindful home?

A: Start by decluttering and organizing your space to remove distractions and create a sense of order. Incorporate elements of nature, such as plants or natural materials, to bring a sense of tranquility indoors. Designate areas for relaxation, meditation, or reflection, and minimize digital distractions to promote a mindful environment.

Q: What are some simple practices for maintaining a mindful home?

A: Practice gratitude by keeping a gratitude journal or simply taking time each day to appreciate the small joys in your home. Incorporate mindfulness techniques into your daily routine, such as mindful breathing exercises or mindful eating. Create rituals that help you unwind and disconnect, such as a nightly digital detox or a morning meditation session.

Q: How does a mindful home benefit mental well-being?

A: A mindful home can have numerous benefits for mental well-being, including reduced stress and anxiety, improved focus and concentration, and increased feelings of calm and contentment. By creating a space that supports mindfulness, you can enhance your overall quality of life and promote a sense of inner peace.

Q: Can anyone create a mindful home, regardless of their living situation?

A: Absolutely! Whether you live in a small apartment, a busy household, or a minimalist space, there are always ways to incorporate mindfulness into your home environment. It’s about finding what works for you and creating a space that aligns with your values and intentions for a more mindful lifestyle.


Use these five ideas to create a mindful home. These simple measures are inexpensive with a big payoffs! Make sure to take time to better yourself by making your home more peaceful so you can live your ideal life.

I hope this helpful mindful home design tips will help you develop more ways to develop mindset habits overall.

Please let me know if this article was at all helpful. 


           Lisa 🙂

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