One way of training yourself into back sleeping is by using a rolled-up towel under your neck. It doesn’t sound comfortable to me but I will give it a try.  Here is the way to roll a towel to place under your neck. Another idea is to place a pillow under your knees, this makes it easier to sleep on your back, I find it comfortable.

I have a Gal Pal that swears by sleeping with a pillow or towel under her neck. This is her method below.

How To Roll A Towel And Place It Under Your Neck:

  • Lay out a soft towel and smooth out any lumps.
  • Fold it in half (shorter side to shorter side).
  • Take the short side and start rolling it up tightly.
  • Use hair bands or string and tie the ends so it doesn’t unravel in the middle of the night.
  • Remove your pillow and place the towel where your neck will go.
  • Lie down on your back so the towel is supporting your neck.
  • If the towel isn’t comfortable, you can experiment with larger or smaller towels, or by placing a low pillow under your head. It should feel solid and snug, pressing at the base of your head.

Relaxed sexy woman in white towel applying moisturizing cream on neck