12 Simple Skincare Resolutions To Get Your Glow Back

As part of our new year’s resolutions, you may consider including taking better care of your skin to your list. 

Your daily skin care routine that addresses your skin concerns can make a huge impact in how your skin looks and feels. 

If you are bothered by those pesky fine lines, dark spots, wrinkles, skin tone and or dark circles, a simple skincare routine could help with all those issues. We have outlined the top daily habits that will reduce the signs of aging and make your skin glow. 

Simple steps we outlined below are easy new habits anyone can do. Sometimes it’s the small changes that make the biggest impact.

Let’s make 2023 the year of glowing skin! Here are some tips and tricks you can use to get your skin looking and feeling it’s best as we get a fresh start in the New Year.  


If you are bothered by those pesky fine lines, dark spots, wrinkles, skin tone and or dark circles, a simple skincare routine could help with all those issues. We have outlined the top daily habits that will reduce the signs of aging and make your skin glow. 

Simple steps we outlined below are easy new habits anyone can do. Sometimes it’s the small changes that make the biggest impact.

Let’s make 2023 the year of glowing skin! Here are some tips and tricks you can use to get your skin looking and feeling it’s best as we get a fresh start in the New Year.  

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12 Simple Skincare Resolutions- To Get Your Glow Back

1. Drink Water And Greens Before Coffee In The Morning

I don’t know about you, but I am like a walking zombie in the morning as I make a B-Line for my coffee before I can function in the morning. This is not a good habit, and I know it. I’m committed to drinking 8 oz of water before I sip on my morning coffee. We wake up dehydrated, and coffee dehydrates us even more.

Drinking a shot of chlorophyll in the morning will brighten and hydrate your skin. This green drink will drain any morning puffiness. I used to be good at juicing celery juice every morning, but since Covid, I stopped that healthy habit.

2.  Protect Your Skin from Sun Damage 

It’s essential to protect your skin from sun damage (uv radiation) on a daily basis–even during colder months! Apply broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher every day before leaving home and reapply throughout the day if necessary (especially after swimming). 

Wear hats and protective clothing when outdoors if possible, too–these will help keep harmful UV rays away from delicate facial areas such as the nose and cheeks where wrinkles tend to form more easily. And don’t forget about lip balm with SPF protection–this is often forgotten about but is crucial for protecting delicate lips against sunburns and other damage caused by exposure to direct sunlight. 

Avoid Direct Heat Exposure

To help maintain a glowing complexion, it’s important to avoid direct heat exposure from sources such as patio heaters or beach fires because this can cause inflammation and damage collagen in the skin. 

3.  Clean My Makeup Brushes Regularly

I wash my face brushes, but not often enough. According to Dr. Prystowsky, we should be cleaning our foundation brushes once a week. Eye shadow brushes twice a month. This beauty tip is something many forget to do. 

I clean my brushes with a mild shampoo. I squeeze a small drop of shampoo in my hands and massage the brushes in warm water. I let them dry overnight.

4.  Layer Products In The Right Order- Morning and Evening

No matter what type of skin you have, using products in the right order makes a difference. I admit that I have gotten extremely lazy about this routine, so I am committed to make this a priority because it really does make a difference in how the products are absorbed into the skin.

5. Wash Your Face Twice A Day 

It may seem like common sense, but washing your face twice a day is essential for maintaining healthy skin. Cleansing removes dirt, oil, and other impurities that can clog your pores and lead to breakouts. Make sure you use a gentle cleanser that won’t strip away too much natural oil from your skin. If you’re wearing makeup, be sure to remove it before washing—this will help keep your pores clear and prevent bacteria buildup. 

Remove your makeup every night before bed. This will help prevent breakouts and ensure that your skin is able to breathe at night. It’s also important to make sure that you cleanse your face twice a day with a gentle cleanser or scrub, as this helps remove dirt, oil, and makeup residue from your pores.

Use Non-Foaming Cleanser- Foaming cleansers contain ingredients that can strip the skin, which makes skin prone to breakouts. If you have semi-dry skin, try oil cleansers. 

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6.  Get Your Beauty Sleep

Getting quality sleep (beauty sleep)  is key for overall skin health. It’s a big part of a healthier lifestyle, as we all know.

Here’s what happens while you snooze:
  • Melatonin, known for its antioxidant (a.k.a. anti-aging) properties, is produced at night.
  • Levels of the stress hormone cortisol fall during sleep, which helps your skin repair damage done during the day.
  • The body produces more collagen, which minimizes fine lines.
  • More human growth hormone is released, increasing muscle mass and strengthening your skin.

Make your bedroom a sanctuary and consider using silk pillowcases when you sleep. I love my blissy pillowcases.  As a result of friction from cotton pillow cases, your delicate skin is irritated and you lose the moisture and gentleness you need.  

The fibers in Blissy  will help counteract years of havoc that your regular pillow case has been doing to you.

Sleep On Your Back To Avoid Wrinkles

The last time I saw my dermatologist, she told me exactly how I sleep after by just looking at my skin. Ha ha… must be that obvious! For instance, I tend to sleep on my left side and it shows. I have more wrinkles around my eyes on my left than I do on my right side. It is what it is, but if you want to try to avoid more folds in your skin, then you may want to consider sleeping on your back.

The way we sleep can determine how wrinkles play out on our faces. Squishing your face into your cozy pillow feels like heaven, but it causes wrinkles in your skin, especially around your eye.

Place A Pillow Or Towel Under Your Legs

One way of training yourself into back sleeping is by using a rolled-up towel under your neck. It doesn’t sound comfortable to me but I will give it a try. Here is the way to roll a towel to place under your neck.

Another idea is to place a pillow under your knees. This makes it easier to sleep on your back. I find it comfortable.

I have a Gal Pal that swears by sleeping with a pillow or towel under her neck. This is her method below.


  • Lay out a soft towel and smooth out any lumps.
  • Fold it in half (shorter side to shorter side).
  • Take the short side and start rolling it up tightly.
  • Use hair bands or string and tie the ends so it doesn’t unravel in the middle of the night.
  • Remove your pillow and place the towel where your neck will go.
  • Lie down on your back so the towel is supporting your neck.
  • If the towel isn’t comfortable, you can experiment with larger or smaller towels, or by placing a low pillow under your head. It should feel solid and snug, pressing at the base of your head  Treat Your Neck As An Extension Of Your Face

The 45-degree angle you hang your head to look at your cell phone causes a repeated squishing of the neck, resulting in premature folds and wrinkles. To treat this, most people know to apply moisturizer to the neck, and many do this, but the mistake is made in treating the neck as an afterthought.

This particularly applies with sunscreen since the number one cause of premature skin aging is UV rays given off from the sun. The best way to apply sunscreen to this area is by making a full second application exclusively to the neck. We all must do what we can to avoid skin cancer. In addition to sunscreen, be sure to use your serums and moisturizers in an upward motion to go against gravity.” — Renée Rouleau

7.  Choose Quality Products 

When choosing products for your skincare routine, it’s important to pick ones that are gentle yet effective. Natural ingredients are always the best option because they don’t contain harsh chemicals that could potentially irritate your skin or cause breakouts. 

Additionally, look for products that contain antioxidants like vitamin C or green tea extract – these powerful ingredients help fight free radicals and keep your skin looking young and healthy! Finally, opt for non-comedogenic (non-pore clogging) products so as not to aggravate existing acne conditions. 

Be Mindful Of Irritants- Use Clean Products

If you have sensitive skin, products that are formulated with fragrance, parabens, sulfates, and other harsh ingredients may be harmful to your skin. To reduce the risk of irritation, opt instead for products that indicate on the packaging that they are either explicitly formulated for sensitive skin or dermatologist-tested. My favorite is the Violets Are Blue skincare line- toxic free.

Please check out the following list of toxins and chemicals that may be lurking in your skincare products.  Avoid the following: 

  • Sulphates – harsh chemicals that help create foam and remove all oil, therefore sensitizing skin.
  • Parabens – preservatives used in many cosmetics that can be harmful to health.
  • Mineral oil – derived from petroleum, is a cheap moisturizing agent that can leave a film on your skin and lead to irritation and breakouts.

For a full list of clean beauty products see it here.  Try Witch Hazel as a natural toner, it’s amazing.

8.  Don’t Drink Too Much

I love my glass of wine at night. Just keep in mind that alcohol increases the level of inflammatory agents in the bloodstream and ages our skin.

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9.  Don’t Lick Your Lips

If you have dry lips, it can be tempting to lick them for relief. Unfortunately, this will only lead to increased dryness. Licking my lips tends to be a bad habit of mine. Why? No idea! All I know is I am working to break the habit because it dries out my lips and causes wrinkling and other issues that are not very pleasant.

The fact is that our saliva contains digestive enzymes, and when we lick our lips these enzymes will start breaking down the skin barrier of our lips. This is often described as a burning feeling. Not only that, but saliva evaporates very quickly, usually drying out the skin further.

What makes all this even worse is how easily licking the lips can become a habit. It’s a destructive cycle that I need to break! Because my lips are often dry, I soothe my chapped lips with lip balms.

10.  Stop Touching Your Face

That constant touching could be the culprit behind any breakouts in those frequently-touched areas. With Covid, we all learned not to touch our face but that doesn’t mean it’s a simple habit to break. While it’s easier said than done, only keeping your hands off your face will help any irritated areas clear up. It seems like we are all touching our faces more than usual with zoom calls so it is a good habit to break.

I have one of those mirrors where I can see every living thing on my face. It’s my goal to stop using the mirror as much as possible because when I do, I tend to touch and pick, and pluck more than I should. Just something else to think about ladies! Clean skin is healthy skin.

11. Don’t Forget To Clean Your Cell Phone

Our cell phones are fifthly and contain lots of bacteria so wiping down our phones often is a good habit. I usually use wipes that I carry with me in my car and in my purse. Our mobile phones are placed next to our face often and this causes breakouts.

12.  Exfoliate

Healthy skin completely renews itself every 25 to 30 days, but as you age, this period of cellular regeneration gradually increases. When your skin-cell turnover rate slows, your complexion appears dull, wan and aged.

Exfoliation speeds up the turnover rate to reveal newer, fresher, and healthier skin that’s radiant instead of dull. Exfoliation helps smooth different areas of the skin for a more even look and feel and it helps to fight premature aging.

Get Rid Of Dead Skin Cells

If you want to get the most effective results from your hydrator or serum, then exfoliation is an absolute must. Without exfoliation, the active ingredients in these products have to penetrate through an increased thickness of dead skin cells before they reach the cells they can affect. Instead, once you remove this layer of dead skin cells, your serum can absorb easily, with all its benefits!

In closing

Taking care of your skin doesn’t have to be complicated or time consuming – it just requires dedication and discipline! Make 2023 the year of glowing skin by committing yourself not only to following a regular skincare routine but also using quality products tailored specifically towards helping you achieve better looking skin in 2023! 

So go ahead – give yourself permission to invest in yourself – you deserve it! With these tips in mind, you’ll be well on your way towards achieving healthier, younger looking complexion in no time! Happy New Year!

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