NETFLIX- How To Get The Most Out Of Your Subscription

There have been many top forms of entertainment made available to man over the years, with only a few standing the test of time. The drama concept was started in the early 5th century in Athens, Greece, and has evolved over time to match audience preferences.

So how do you get the most out of your Netflix subscription? Let’s first look at how Netflix came to be.

How Movies, And Netflix Came To Being

In 1895, the first ever movie screening took place in Paris, presenting people with moving pictures for their entertainment using a device known as a Cinématographe, which served as a camera, film printer, and projector at the same time.

Soon, people found ways to create and store video content on VHS tapes, and 18 years later, DVDs were created, ushering in a new era.

Netflix, a video service, was formed in 1997 and was a rental service that used to rent out movie discs to customers either at the office or via home delivery. The quick progression of technology saw Netflix create its online presence, a streaming service in 2007.

As the first streaming platform, Netflix inspired the startup of other popular movie streaming services, adding new and old movies to their catalog of movies to present to their viewers.


Netflix – Down the Line

Over the years, there have been several classic movies and series made available on the Netflix site, like the popular show “HIMYM” and “The Holiday,” including Netflix Originals like “House of Cards.”

The coronavirus pandemic of 2020 which led to countries declaring lockdown, saw many movies and series halt production, causing them to postpone their release dates to 2021.

2021 Promises to be an interesting year for movies and series lovers all around the world. Big-name movie franchises have slated quite a number of Romantic movies and series like “The Kissing Booth 3” and “Sex Education” to be released during the year, all of which will be available for viewing on Netflix.

5 Tips To Make The Best Out of Your Subscription

As you anticipate the latest RomCom content in 2021, here are some tips you can use to ensure you get the best viewing experience:
Browser Extensions – the vast range of Netflix’s movie catalog provides many good movie and series options for you to watch to pass the time. Unfortunately, it also means that you would come across sub-par content now and again that you may feel was not worth the time.

To ensure you avoid poor content, it would help install extensions of rating services like IMDb or Rotten Tomatoes for Netflix. The extension ensures automatic display of the content’s rating over it once highlighted, helping you avoid lowl rated content.
It only works on browsers, so those making use of the app would have to check the movie’s rating manually.

Download – if you are in the middle of a series or movie that you cannot finish within the time you have access to quality or unlimited internet service, you can set the video quality of preference and download it to watch later at your convenience.

VPNs – In the catalog of movies available on Netflix, some are restricted to a certain region or country, depriving the rest of the world of potentially good content.
To bypass this, you would have to install a VPN app for Netflix, encrypting your connection and location, allowing you to enjoy the movie or series.

Remove Autoplay – A 2015 survey by JAMA Internal Medicine revealed that over 60% of people fall asleep while watching video content.

If you are one of the majority that sleeps off, it would be wise to remove autoplay – as the feature is designed to play the following episode of the series until the season is completed. Turning autoplay off also helps to save data.

Avoid Buffering – Buffering is a pain to all bingers worldwide, as it occurs at the most ill-opportune times, ruining built-up suspense and taking the fun out of streaming. To prevent this, the first trick to use is to reduce video quality.

Usually, either the network connection is too slow to process that many megabytes of information quickly, or the device being used to stream cannot process such high-quality video content in real-time. Either way, lowering video quality helps the network and device process much faster, ending buffering.

If you are sure both your device and network connection are good enough to process high video quality, Netflix’s server may be overloaded with users, causing buffering.

The solution would be to resort to streaming at odd times when most people would be off the servers, allowing you to enjoy your movie.

2021 Statistics show that Netflix is the most popular streaming service globally, with over 200 million active subscribers in well over 150 countries.
If you are one of the 200 million, the above tips should help you get the best out of your Netflix subscription while watching your favorite content.

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