Fun holiday traditions you can start with girlfriends today


Traditions help us cultivate a connection through meaningful shared experiences. The good news? It’s never too late to create a tradition! Why? because holiday traditions with friends and family matter.

Most families have their family rituals during the holidays. Traditions are significant for families but also for friends. It makes us feel connected as we celebrate important annual affairs. I feel fortunate that I was raised with many family  and cultural traditions which included special gatherings including baking Latvian pirog’s, going to the nutcracker, family meals, going to church etc.

These types of traditions offer a sense of comfort and belonging. It brings families and friends together and confirms what’s truly important in life.  I have found that it’s always fun to have annual holiday traditions with my girlfriends. It’s nice to have scheduled time with your gal pals – something to look forward to. I wanted to share 9 fun ways to celebrate the holidays with your girlfriends. I hope this inspires you to gather with your friends this holiday.

Fun holiday traditions you can start with girlfriends today


The holidays, aka: stressful, hectic holidays, actually are the ideal time for gal pal traditions. Sure, we’re all busy –  gifts for him, her, and our bff’s  to buy, wrap, give and more things on our To-Do list than we can check off – and that’s why it’s a wonderful to make time and make memories with your friends. We need that ‘excuse’ to stop and share time with friends!

This month, I have really enjoyed getting together with some of my dearest friends and for our annual holiday celebrations. It’s become a tradition that I regularly look forward to. I can always count on several holiday functions with my pals.  Holidays or not, it’s fun to create events that bring your friends together.

I wanted to share 9 ideas for fun holiday traditions to do with your gal pals. I look forward to these fun gatherings every year. I hope it inspires you to contact your girlfriends and plan a celebration this holiday. You never know, you may have so much fun that you mark the event as a tradition!

9 Ideas Fun Holiday Traditions To Do With Your Girlfriends

1. Gift Exchange- Lips and Sips

Gift Exchange- Every year for the past 10 or more years, my sorority sisters get together to celebrate our friend Mary who has a birthday in December. For many years we called this celebration Marypooloza. We would gather for lunch downtown Seattle and then make our way shopping and walking around downtown Seattle. Later in the afternoon, cocktails and more shopping.

This event morphed into another form of a tradition where we have now have lunch, exchange gifts. The theme is lips or sips. We exchange lipsticks or any kind of beverage. It’s such a easy and fun give exchange theme.

Another fun idea is to do an ornament exchange. Another group of friends always get together for the holidays and we all bring an wrapped ornament. It’s always so much fun.

Holiday Gal Pal Ideas

Holiday Tradition Ideas

Holiday Traditions with Girlfriends

2. Gourmet Or Dinner Group

I have been part of a gourmet group of gals now for 15 years. We have made it a tradition to get together every several months at one of our homes. Recipes are sent out by the hostess and so each person brings one dish to share. It’s been a fabulous way to learn how to prepare new dishes but more importantly, a great excuse to see my devoted friends.

Last week we got together all dressed in cozy PJ’s.. We brought an appetizer to share as we all gathered around my friend Wendy’s festive table. We then rolled into the living room where we settled in, and, opened gifts as part of our gift exchange. We all brought a wrapped gift that was $25 or less. Each gift is always so crafty and fun so we end up stealing each other’s gifts.

Whether you decide to do a gourmet group or a type of dinner tradtion with your girlfriends, you just can’t go wrong. The best part of creating these traditions is that you work harder to make them happen every year as opposed to a one time event.

Fun holiday traditions with your girlfriends

3. Cookie Exchange

A  friend of mine always invites her girlfriends to an annual cookie exchange. Each person brings a dozen cookies for each cookie exchange participant.  Then everyone leaves with dozens of wonderful treats for family and holiday festivities. (They also share the recipes.)

4. Wreath Making

Have you ever been to a wreath making party? So much fun!!

Wreath making  while sipping a hot toddy with your girlfriends is a blast!  I highly suggest it. If you don’t want to host this type of gathering, consider that many local nurseries often host these types of events.  I often like to meet friends for wine nights out, but adding a craft to the mix was a nice change. It’s a fun way to embrace the season, and it makes for a wonderful tradition.

5. Weekend Escapes- Girl Trippin

Getting away for a brief weekend with your friends during this time of year, always proves to be a good idea. You don’t need to go far, book a hotel downtown for one night or stay at a friends house. Do what you can to get away and escape for girl time. I promise you will feel better when you come back home. Girl trips are good for your soul.

Weekend getaway with Gal Pals

6. Card Games

This past month, a group of my golf buds got together to play Farkle. I had never heard of the game and quite honestly wasn’t sure I would enjoy playing the game since board games were never my thing. I have to say, it was so much fun. We sipped on wine and nibbled on appetizers while we giggled and cheered each other on- not! Farkle is an easy game to play because these is no skill required. Perfect for me ha ha.

Farkle is played with six dice and no maximum number of players. During gameplay, players roll the dice and score points based on the resulting dice combinations. For instance, rolling three 5s earns you 500 points while a straight of 1–6 lands you 1,500. The first player to accumulate more than 10,000 points, as tallied by a designated score keeper, is then challenged in a final round; if nobody beats their score, they are the winner.

I learned that this group of fun gals get together to play some sort of game on rainy golf days… another fun tradition!!

7. Girls Night Out

Just last week I had some of my friends over for an impromptu holiday party. I try to do this every year. In order to keep the stress level down, I make it casual and last minute so I don’t set any expectations for myself. If the party is planned, I often spend too much time fretting about it. Impromptu gatherings are often time ideal.

The best part of the party is that my friends brought friends so it was a great chance to meet lots of new gals that live near me. What would we do without our girlfriends. So grab your tribe of gal pals (the ones that stick together and support you like a female elephant herd)

8. Cooking And Baking Class

Get a big group to attend a cooking class together.  It’s always fun to cook together. Learn how to prepare a new holiday recipe.

9. Get Outside

Get outside and go for a hike or walk- Sometimes getting outside in the fresh air during the holidays is like medicine. Bundling up and going for a walk with one or more friends, is therapeutic. It’s easy to do and doesn’t need to be plannedout too far in advance. I love going on walks with my friends especially when it is one on one. Walking and talking feeds my soul.

I hope this may of inspired you to plan a simple holiday gathering. You never know, you may have so much fun, you’ll want to make it a tradition.


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