A Fall Thelma & Louis Gal Pal Getaway- In Napa Valley & El Dorado Wine Trail

Dreaming Of A Thelma & Louis Getaway?

Time with our Gal Pals are priceless!

Fall is a fabulous time for a little “Thelma & Louis” action!

Fall is the ideal time to plan a fun Thelma & Louis road trip with a Gal Pal, especially if you can put the top down or open the sunroof and let the wind in hair stir up some awesome carefree vibes! Ok, sometimes a hat helps one see a bit better while riding with the wind, but there is just something about a ‘wild hair don’t care’ road trip with a girlfriend that replenishes the soul. 

Maybe that is why the 1991 Academy award-winning movie, “Thelma & Louis” is such an iconic classic? Sometimes we need to grab a girlfriend, stock up on some road-trip munchies, cue up some good tunes (Sister Hazel’s Heartland Highway is the bomb):  and head for the hills! Or the beach? Or wherever the road leads us! 

A Fall Thelma & Louis Gal Pal Getaway

My Favorite Windblown Adventures With Gal Pals Are Priceless! 

Cheetah Gals head to Apple Hill (which is part of the El Dorado Wine Country,) in Placerville, California! When my gal pal, Cindy, told me she that she always wanted to put on some cheetah garb, put the top down, and drive, I quickly ran to our local thrift store, Thrift Town, and loaded up on all of the cheetah print items I could find – hats, tops, scarves and even shoes!

A Fall Thelma & Louis Gal Pal Getaway
Thrift Town Finds For My Girlfriend Getaway

 We headed to Apple Hill in the El Dorado Wine Country  for the day to take in the fresh fall air, eat some amazing apples and stop by some of our favorite El Dorado County wineries . Boeger Winery, Narrow Gate Vineyards and Holly Hills are some of my favorites! It’s an ideal time to stock up on wine to bring home! Of course, one of our day’s highlights was indulging on the best burgers in Hangtown at Bones Roadhouse! 

Thelma & Louis Gal Pal Getaway

Every year, my gal pal Kathy & I plan a fun girlfriend weekend road trip together.  Why? Why not! It’s been proven that girlfriend getaways are proven to be good for us! 

We typically pick a wine country region to visit as Fall Harvest is always a fun time to visit the wine country! A few years ago, we deviated from our plan and decided to head up to Lake Tahoe! We borrowed my daughter’s convertible Volkswagon Bug for our adventure and splurged on a night at the beautiful Ritz Carlton at Northstar. 

Snowed In at The Ritz in Tahoe, California!
                                                                              Snowed In at The Ritz in Tahoe, California!

Girlfriend Getaways Are Always An Adventure

A long-time dream for us both! It was a gorgeous sunny Fall day, but we woke up to two feet of fresh, new SNOW! It was October and the season’s first snowstorm was upon us in a big way! We had no idea a snowstorm was brewing when we headed on our sunny little adventure (note to self, check the weather before all road trip adventures). 

The roads and highways were closed and no match for our cute little Bug, so we decided The Ritz was a great place to be snowed in and headed out to the fire pit to enjoy a delicious “S’moreTini”. Funny thing – we bought matching winter hats, and when the roads cleared the next day, we put the top down and enjoyed the fresh air and the magical winter wonderland down the mountain!

Girlfriend trips and celebrations are always fun no matter where and when. 

Thelma and Louis Getaway

Sunroof Silliness in Wine Country In California

Again, that carefree feeling (okay not during the pandemic as much) is all about the windblown hair! No convertible is needed! Simply roll the windows down and open the sunroof, and you’re livin’ the dream! Best time with gal pal, Amy, during our Fall Harvest visit to Napa Valley – we laughed, cried, and sang our favorite tunes from dawn ’til dusk – and pretty sure we had some substantial sized windblown hair knots at the end of the day, but oh so worth it! And just for fun, some of my gal pals made a list of some of our favorite road trippin’ snacks. Here were our top five ‘must-haves’:
Fritos Corn Chips
Red Vines Licorice
Good & Plenty or M & Ms
Frozen Grapes
Pumpkin Seeds

Ready for a Gal Pal Road Trip this Fall? Ready, Set, GO

If you live in Washington… the Washington Wine Country is amazing too. Sip Local and support your local wineries wherever you live! 

Wendy “Woo” Steinmetz

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