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7 Metal and Stone Choices When Shopping for Wedding Bands in 2022

Choosing a suitable metal for your shortlisted gemstone is as vital as the design of your wedding band. This article highlights the pros and cons that you should keep in mind when shopping for wedding bands in 2022.

Will trends change or remain the same during the year? Dive in to know more.

Deciding Factors

There are several metal options that you can refer to while choosing the right one for your wedding ring. These factors can include:

  • What kind of styling does your partner prefer?
  • Do they have any specific preferences?
  • What is your budget?
  • How crucial is durability for you?

Individual Preference

Considering your partner’s style and preferences is critical to shortlisting the band. It is a vital deciding factor to refer to, and they should like the outcome. 

To make your job easier, you can understand their preferences by noting their jewelry suggestions and ideas. You can even seek help from online stores that showcase various designs and understand their liking. 

You can check Leibish’s wedding rings while doing your research. Seeing the numerous band options on such portals will help them shortlist the right style and design for your big day.

If they prefer lighter profiles, platinum or white gold can be the best choices. You can choose rose or yellow gold if they prefer warmer ones. The new-age designs help suit any style and even provide the option to incorporate more than one precious metal.

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Metal Ring Choices 

Once you know the hue and color profile your partner prefers, it is time to shortlist the ring metal option.


If you are going for diamonds, platinum can be an excellent choice. The cool luster helps highlight the precious gemstone’s sparkle. The durability and strength of platinum are additional benefits that can help keep your precious stones secure for long. If your partner has sensitive skin, this hypoallergenic metal can be your best option. 

White Gold

The only difference between platinum and white gold is the shiny silver hue. White gold is a cheaper man-made solution that does all the job of platinum. You can accompany it with diamonds too. It contains palladium, manganese, nickel, and even traces of platinum in a few cases. However, it does not have the strength and durability of platinum.

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Yellow Gold

There is a decreasing preference for the classic yellow look of gold. However, recent data suggest increasing popularity, and it will continue in 2022. Several metal alloys help boost pure gold’s strength.

The most commonly used gold ratios are 22k, 18 K, 14 K, and occasionally 10k. The percentage of gold in the mixture decreases with decreasing karat value.

You will find a changing shade, strength, color, and look of the yellow gold band with the addition of these alloys. You can have clear, deep blue, bright pink, or purple gemstones with a yellow gold band.

Rose Gold

The clubbing of copper alloy with gold creates the pink hue of rose gold. You will find similar ratios of alloys to gold, like white or yellow gold. The distinctive appearance of rose gold bands is due to the presence of copper.

The best complimenting gemstones with rose gold are diamonds and colored ones, like yellow or pink diamonds.


Palladium has an appearance similar to platinum. It is a silvery-colored and white precious metal that is highly durable and scratch-resistant. Over time a patina can develop on palladium rings.

Palladium is much lighter in weight compared to platinum, and you can accompany similar gemstones with it.


One of the best alternatives to conventional metals available today is titanium. It is comfortable, affordable, and durable. You can have a matt or shiny appearance on this light grey colored metal. Blue sapphire can be a great choice to accompany such a metal band. 

It is durable, and you can clean it with soap and water at home.

Tungsten Carbide

The combination of tungsten with nickel, carbon, or titanium creates tungsten carbide. If you or your partner has an active lifestyle, scratch-resistant and durable tungsten carbide is a great option for you. It is one of the strongest metals available for your engagement ring band.

The only drawback is it will break under pressure or when dropped from a height. A wedding ring made of tungsten carbide can’t have any future alterations or resizing. You can pair it with any clear gemstone to enhance the appearance of this metal alloy.

So, the above list will help you shortlist the right choice of metal band for your wedding band. You can consider the various factors stated above to finalize the ring according to your and your partner’s liking.

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