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How to set-up study corner for kids

Having a dedicated space for your kids to do their homework is crucial to helping them focus on their work. A study corner will help you keep track of your child’s schoolwork and create an environment that fosters learning.

Where it should be

The ideal place for your child’s study corner is in a room that is not too noisy, and preferably by a window. The light from the window will help them concentrate on their studies without being distracted by other lights in the room.

Preferably, you should be able to control the temperature in this room as well as its lighting. This way, you can make sure that your child does not get too hot or cold while studying or playing games on his/her computer or tablet.

If possible, try not to put your study area directly next to your kitchen because of the sound of cooking food like pots banging into each other when they are being washed (and sometimes even before they are washed).

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Furnish it

Choosing the right furniture for your child’s study corner is very important. They should be comfortable and ergonomic, and they should also enable your kid to focus on their work without distraction.

The first piece of furniture you will choose is the desk, which should be large enough to fit a laptop, a lamp and a notepad. It needs to be at a comfortable height for you so that you can sit up straight while writing or typing. The surface of the desk should be large enough that it doesn’t feel cramped when you place things on it like books, notebooks or other items used during studying sessions (e.g., calculator).

Ideally, the desk should also have built-in drawers where your child could store things like pens and pencils if they don’t want them all over the table area where they are working on their projects/homework assignments etc;

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What else to add

Keep the school supplies organized in a basket near the desk. It’s easier to access and will help avoid clutter around your child’s work area. Clean out this basket at least once every two weeks to keep supplies fresh, tidy and ready to go when needed.

Get the latest iMac or MacBook if possible for maximum productivity. Set it up with parental controls. Read this to understand how you can use the Mac to its full potential. Your kid needs a laptop or computer in today’s time.

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Importance of Lighting

The quality of light is important for eye health, so you should make sure your child’s study area gets plenty of natural light. If there’s not enough available or if it’s too bright, try adding a lamp or a reading light to the space.

Make sure that the screen isn’t too close to the light source—this can create glare on its surface and cause eye strain for both children and adults who are trying to read from it.


Setting up a study corner for your kids is not that difficult. All you need is to know what are the essentials required for it, and then go about buying them in a systematic manner. If you have any questions regarding this topic or want to share your experience on how you set-up your own study corner then feel free to comment below! 

Side note, make sure your child has proper eye glasses  if needed too! 

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