Cozy and Comfy clothes to wear while at home

Cozy & Comfy Clothes To Wear While Quarantined- ALL On Sale!

         COZY & COMFY CLOTHES TO WEAR WHILE QUARANTINED                                                             ON SALE NOW

I wandered into my closet this morning and took several minutes to acknowledge my cute spring outfits that won’t see the light of day in the next month or longer. I don’t know about you, but for the last two weeks; I’ve  been throwing on my cozy sweatpants or cute leggings and lightweight tops as I prepare another day in quarantine. You too?  Perhaps we’re all seeking comfort anywhere we can get it, even if it’s in the clothes we are snuggled in?

Like most others right now, you maybe working, managing kid chaos (or both!) or just chillin out at home for the unforeseeable future. Whatever your days look like, comfort seems to be what most of us are looking for. When I say comfort, I do not mean frumpy by any means!

I have had several inquires about what comfortable items to wear while working at home. So I have provided you all with the best in cozy and comfy items that are 30-80% off right now.

A major change in lifestyle habits such as being locked up inside our home for weeks on end, forces us to adapt which includes how we dress everyday. It feels odd to get dressed in the morning knowing we are not leaving the house except for a long walk by ourselves.  I am trying hard to see this as time as a gift.  An opportunity to spend quality time with family, get work done around the house and be positive and productive as we help the ones in need.

Cozy and comfy sweats

Based on that, I have been refraining from shopping on line right now but since I was doing some research for y’all, I discovered that many of my favorite brands are over 30% off right now. Kinda tempting for sure! Anyway, I have provided links to some of the top brands like Lululemon, Vince, Madewell, Nike and more.

For those of you that are working from your living room these days, every day is a “casual Friday”. You prefer to be comfortable and presentable for those zoom conference calls which calls for comfy pants or sweatpants and a simple, stylish or casual top. All a sudden our fun shoes, spring bags and jackets wait in our closets until we are ready for the real world again.

The Newfound Flexibility of Comfy Cozy Work Attire

Rolling Stone says that on-line sales are up in the newfound flexibility of corporate dressing. People are stocking up on casual and comfy clothes all while the high fashion attire is non existent. The great news is that sweatpants are officially one of the biggest fashion trends of the moment, with many designers willing to take them from the gym to the streets.

I have worked from home for the past 13 years, so I have learned that comfort is paramount. Don’t get me wrong, when I have in-person meetings I like to dress up and have fun with my wardrobe. The most important thing for me is to wear pants that are are easy to move in. Either stretchy jeans, leggings or sweats. Waistbands that don’t restrict because many times I will move to different places in my house to work and sit in different positions. The pants HAVE to be comfortable.

Many people are working from home for the first time in their career, so it may be complicated to figure out what your strategy for productivity is and clothing plays right into that.  If you are experimenting with your WFH (work from home) style, play around with it until you discover what clothes feel good to you. Some people like to dress up for zoom meetings, at least from the waist up because it makes them feel like they are dressed similar to the way they would dress in the office. Everyone is different.

Comfy cozy clothes to wear at home

For The Multi- Tasking Mom

If you’re not working from home and trying to survive the quarantine, multitasking chaos, why not do it in complete comfort and style? Perhaps you are working with your kids on homework, cooking, cleaning, dealing with your spouse at home and pulling your hair out.  If you are already dressed in sweats it makes it easy to to sneak in your yoga and  meditation.


If you feel you want to freshen up your at home wardrobe, you may want to consider any of the following cozy and comfy items. The prices are amazing, so act fast. The list contains affiliates.


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