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Hello friends!   

Can you believe it’s almost summer? All the youngsters are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, and it’s getting hot in here….. So you know what that means? It’s time to hit the beach.

In addition, summer means it’s swimwear season and time to purchase a new swimsuit. Oh JOY! Not really. I don’t know about you, but I have never been fond of trying on bathing suits in the dressing rooms that have the bright unforgiving lights in the mirror chamber of horror. Yikes!


Research affirms that bathing suit shopping makes women — wait for it — anxious and depressed. Duh, right? Those bright lights are not forgiving at all.

Therefore, in order to avoid the painful store shopping process, I purchase swimsuits online so I can try them on in the privacy of my home all while dreaming of my next holiday. In fact,  I’ve been hunting for several flattering bathing suits for an upcoming Caribbean Cruise vacation.

Vacation or not, it’s always good idea to have several favorite suits on hand. For instance, there are different types of bathing suits for various occasions, activities and destinations. A swimsuit for water-sports is very different than a – lounge in the sun type of bathing suit fashion piece. A trip to Hawaii calls for a very different look than a trip to Nantucket or in my case a Caribbean Cruise. I usually go for a bikini but I must admit I am buying  a one-piece as well this season since there are so many cute styles.


One-piece swimsuits are fully on trend this season and was the unifying factor across all the major fashion catwalks during the Miami Swim Week. Whatever type of suit you are looking for, you will be pleased to find some great options. From cute to sexy and functional – here is a quick shopping guide that may inspire you to buy a new flattering swim suit this season! You will want to buy at least one if not two one-piece this season.

All of these suits will be flattering on all body types so give them a try!\

Bathing Suit Trends for This Summer
Screen Shot 2019-05-19 at 6.15.47 PM


high waisted-french cut


Belts around the waist or strapped onto a bikini bottom, is the hot accessory that draws attention to the waist.

The Nina Belted One-Piece Swimsuit Solid and striped


High waisted  is a retro look for sure!

High waisted bottoms look good on bodies with long torsos. When worn by a short-torsoed body, the effect is a visual decline in height, making the wearer appear shorter than she is. 

This isn’t an issue for long-torsoed women since their torsos are more elongated in the first place.

Norma Kamaili -Marissa High-leg One- Piece Swimsuit

Midriff cutouts or cleverly placed cutouts and open backs give the tried and true one-piece a new edge. 

The options are interesting and enticing in an array of prints, patterns and colors.

Becca by Rebecca Virtue Women’s Lace High Neck One Piece Swimsuit Swimsuit

Gal Pal Swim Suit Trends
Swim Suit Trends- Gal Pal


animal print


The look of the long sleeves seems to be universally flattering, and the short sleeves are very sporty. While there are a few rash-guard-style options that certainly fit into the sporty style trend. If you are trying to avoid too much sun these suits work great!


Animal print is hot this season. You will see prints in all colors in one peice and two piece sets.

Calvin Marc Valvo-Cutout Leopard Bandeau Bikini


Swimwear with lace up detail is super cute and sporty. You will see this detail in one and two pieces. 

Blackberry Dazzling 4-Way Reversible Bikini Top by MAAJI



One of my friends told me about this fab one-piece suit she found on Amazon only to find out that this flattering suit has gone viral on Amazon. In fact, InStyle Magazine has rated this suit the #1 best overall one piece swimsuit for 2019!  With other 1,800 reviews, and 1,000 5 stars, it caught my attention!  

As I scrolled through the 19 colors and patterns including yes, Baywatch Red, I am convinced I should buy the suit myself.  What was really impressive however was all the pictures with women with various body types all raving about how flattering this piece was on them. Check it out yourself, hundreds of satisfied buyers have confidently posted selfies wearing this suit!

Right now is the ideal time to buy several on trend swim suits and it list” summer fashion trend pieces.


The DIXPERFECT Women’s Retro 80s/90s Inspired High Cut Low Back One Piece Swimwear Bathing Suits can be found here at Amazon!



You may be like me and put off buying a new swimsuit only because the process is not always fun. Try buying your suit online it’s so much easier and more fun. 

Make sure to try some of the new one piece bathing suits… they are really flattering. Have fun and enjoy the sun! 



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